The climate on the BITS Pilani campus is terrible

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At hundsfutter we set ourselves a few tasks at once. Our products should be tasty, healthy and dog-friendly. They should be fun for the dog people. In addition, everything should be produced fairly and sustainably and the CO2 footprint should be vanishing. Because living sustainably should soon become normal. So everything has to be good for the dog, the person, the world and the other animals. And consequently, our dog food product has to be packed and shipped accordingly.

Namely sustainable. And very sustainably. We have already tried a few manufacturers of packaging and then ended up with Biobiene. Because at Biobiene you really think about relieving the burden on the environment and living sustainably. Nobody else is as consistent with the products through to the shipping and packaging of the goods.

What use would a grass box (at Biobiene boxes are made from grass), if it is wrapped in plastic film? But that is exactly what happened to us several times. Not so with Biobiene. Just like with our Weck glasses and our flour from Bio Mühle Eiling, we now always want to get our packaging from Biobiene. In addition, Biobiene is also close to us, so that in addition to our vegetables and flour, the cardboard boxes are now regional.

We are very happy that there are more and more companies who simply care about what they do. These companies are characterized by a self-responsible attitude, even though it is not required by a law, and an understanding of what is really important in life. Sustainable life can soon become normal.

Social return instead of profit maximization.

Especially now at a time when people have to take a forced break, the sustainable orientation, which up to now has promised more social returns than profit maximization, is of utmost importance. Only such companies deserve to survive the crisis. Because we have to rethink and restructure our entire system.

Beware, there is no command "Z" key in life.

We have reached a level of carelessness in dealing with life that it is simply embarrassing. We are disrespectful in our dealings with other people, animals and nature. One has the feeling that there is a lack of understanding that it is about real life and not about a computer game with the command "Z" key. Ethics will probably have to be learned in school soon, although ethics should actually be taught by parents through example.

We can do a lot, but we have to be ready to see things as they are.

We got into this situation because we as a society just overdid it. We wanted to have more and more and do less and less for it. And we didn't care what consequences it had for nature, animals and other people. Somehow, an awareness has grown in our society that we have a right to live and claim that way.

The situation with the corona virus is terrible, but it is also a great opportunity. Because so far vegans have been ridiculed or even regretted and unpacked shops are rare. And real organic products in the shops are the exception, because most people are completely satisfied when the chocolate is offered in one of Aldi’s favorite “cow with calf” display and Milka claims in all seriousness that she knows the name of the cow they took away the milk. We are far from sustainable living here.

It just doesn't go on like this anymore. The bad thing is that there is a lot of fooling around when you bring up this topic. It is somehow a minor offense to behave anti-social. Prudence and sustainability are not cool. But that will change now.

We need people with the right values ​​as role models.

And thanks to people like those at Bio Biene. There you had the right values ​​long before Corona. Such good examples for other companies and fellow human beings are very important. Because this is how sustainability can spread, so that it will soon be an absolute "NO GO", for example, to drive from supermarket to supermarket to buy the cheapest pork schnitzel here and the cheapest chicken fillet there, just like the offer of the Business will change. Sustainability will be the most important characteristic of all products and services. Luckily.