Can a neutered female have sex

Spaying and neutering dogs: 5 myths cleared up

Do you want to have your dog neutered? There are as many myths and fallacies about this subject as there are stars in the sky. An “aha effect” is guaranteed. Have you already cleared up all the myths?

The castration and sterilization of dogs is an important topic that every dog ​​owner must be well informed about.

The biggest myth about castration in dogs

The misconception that male dogs can only be neutered and female dogs can only be neutered persists.

Female and male dogs can be both neutered and neutered.

But what is the difference between castration and sterilization? Through thecastration in dogs they are hormone-producing glands removed. The testicles are removed in males and the ovaries in bitches. The consequences of castration can include incontinence, skeletal and growth disorders. Did you know that the dog castration chip is not permanently castrated?

Safe contraception is only guaranteed during castration, because the clips can slip during sterilization.

At a sterilization will the Reproductive organs (vas deferens, fallopian tubes) blocked.

5 enlightened myths about castration

1. Your dog no longer feels like having sex

That's not true! Few animals can enjoy sexual intercourse. Dog sex cannot be compared to human sex and pleasure.

Spaying and neutering does not necessarily affect ramming. It is not only sexually-driven behavior, but also a fault in upbringing.

Useful information: For your four-legged friend, sex is an urge and does not bring any sensation of pleasure.

In this way you do not “rob” your animal friend of the lust for sex.

2. Your neutered dog is now impotent

No and no again! This is a mistake that has brought puppies to many dog ​​owners. If you have your male dog neutered, he can still do so after neutering fertile for a few weeks be.

In the case of males, sperm can still lie dormant in the vas deferens, just waiting to do their mischief. Take care of your dog during heat, especially in the first few days after neutering.

3. Same perception among dogs

For other dogs, your favorite is no longer the same as it was before it was neutered. This can lead to fights between multiple dogs.

A neutered dog, whether male or female, is no longer considered a male or female, so it is gender neutral.

But: Your dog will be more balanced and no longer so nervous.

4. Your neutered dog is gaining weight

Your dog needs to be neutered less energy input, because the basal metabolic rate drops due to the hormonal change.

Many dog ​​owners feed their dogs the same food ration after neutering and then their darling will grow fat. The Body Condition Score for dogs and cats shows you whether your woofy is too fat or not.

5. The fur becomes fluffier

Yes and no. The coat can change after neutering. Your furry nose can get fluffier. But that israce dependent.

If your dog has long and fine-haired hair and is one of the breeds with red fur, you can look forward to a fluffy companion.

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