What was the last thing that made you smile?

What made you smile today

I just heard a podcast about positive psychology and how positive emotions boost the immune system. There is a study showing that older people who got a flu shot were better able to tolerate it and had longer protection from the flu if they were in a good mood the day they were vaccinated. That's really impressive!

The health and wellness coach interviewed on this podcast then said that she starts all of her sessions and events with the following question: "What made you smile today?" I think this question is so good because it relates to the now and also starts with the positive instead of immediately focusing on what doesn't work. It's not about the big things we are grateful for, such as. the family, the children, to be healthy. It's about the little everyday things that are today. And noticing these things is important. To be aware of what was good and beautiful today - in all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and what made me smile or maybe even laugh. When you become aware of these little things, you are fully present. One appreciates today and the beautiful and good incidents and situations of this day. And you no longer rush through the day like someone who is being hunted, but treat yourself to little mini-breaks to see something good.

It's 9:08 now, and I already have one thing that made me laugh this morning. My son! Earlier in the car on the way to school he made “lips ync” a song on the radio and totally exaggerated it. We both laughed at each other. One of his key strengths of character is humor. He totally expressed that.

Another thing that makes me smile today is that I was spontaneously having a coffee with a friend. That happens so rarely and of course I had a thousand important things to do, but I postponed them until next week (maybe they weren't that important after all ?!). We talked, sat in the sun and just enjoyed the here and now. That makes me smile again now.

There are so many everyday things that can make us smile. If we are mindful and attentive, then we notice them more and more and make us feel good more and more often. And that in turn strengthens our energy level and our immune system. That means that we are doing something good for ourselves and our health.

It's not that difficult after all - and BE YOUR BEST SELF!

P.S: the water lily in the photo made me smile on the way to the field yesterday.