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ID card: Digital courage criticizes the storage of fingerprints

According to digital courage, this is not a legitimate reason to force the entire population to submit biometric data across the board

[datensicherheit.de, 07/30/2020] According to a current report from Digitalcourage e.V., from August 2, 2021, all citizens will be forced to to have two fingerprints saved for new ID cards, because in autumn 2020 the law on fingerprint compulsory will come to the Bundestag. Therefore, according to their own statements, Digitalcourage calls for the next twelve months to be used to apply for identity cards without fingerprints.

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Friedemann Ebelt warns: The entire population is treated like suspects ...

Digital courage criticizes blanket obligation for all citizens from August 2, 2021

From August 2, 2021 all citizens committed be, "To have the prints of your left and right index finger stored on the chip of the documents when applying for new ID cards".
This was decided by the governments of the EU countries and a narrow majority of the members of the EU Parliament in 2019 with a regulation. A German Law to adapt the German identity card law come to the Bundestag in autumn 2020 - the draft is already public.
"With the compulsion to store fingerprints, the entire population is treated like suspects", warns Friedemann Ebelt from Digitalcourage e.V. There are โ€žno legitimate reasonto force the entire population to submit two fingerprints ". Citizens shouldn't put up with that.

Digital courage sees compulsory, unreasonable submission of biometric data

Digital courage sees "The dignity of all affected people attacked by the fingerprint obligation" and rates this law as "Contrary to fundamental rights". The compulsory but unprovoked submission of biometric data does not correspond to the values โ€‹โ€‹of constitutional states and democracies, but to the "Control addiction of police states".
The Digitalcourage e.V. calls on all people who would like to have an identity card without fingerprints, "Until the beginning of the storage obligation Identity card without fingerprints to apply".
However, new ID cards are valid for a maximum of ten years. That is why it is necessary, too to become politically active and to permanently change the laws at EU and federal level. Digital courage encourages "To contact members of the Bundestag and to demand that they oppose the planned law in autumn", and look forward to feedback on reactions from parties and politicians.

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