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Beach holiday in the Maldives - from island to island by boat

Tropical dream under palm trees: your beach holiday in the Maldives

A special highlight of a holiday in the Maldives is the opportunity to explore several of the approx. 1,200 islands in the course of a boat trip. You will first travel by plane to the Maldivian capital Malé, where you will check in on your cruise ship and set out to sea after a restful night. You will discover the Hathikolhu sandbank, the Vaavu Atoll and the sandy beaches on the island of Anbaraa, of course always with the opportunity to refresh yourself in the cool waters of the Indian Ocean. During the tour you will also experience turquoise lagoons, a trip to the mango and papaya plantations on the island of Ariadhoo and a barbecue evening right on the beach. Another variant is the large, 17-day beach holiday in the Maldives. From Malé you can get to various seaside resorts. The island of Vashugiri is the ideal place to snorkel, as access to the coral reef is particularly easy here. Alternatively, you can spend the day on the beach. Around the Oshagali Finolhu sandbar there is another reef that consists mainly of hard corals. The highlight, however, is the stay on Dhiggiri Island. This is almost completely natural and therefore the ideal backdrop for a souvenir photo. The white sandy beach brings the dream of the tropics to life. On several days you can also put your skills to the test in night fishing and eat your catch from the Indian Ocean while grilling on the beach.