Can you cum when you finger yourself

Woman's ejaculation This is how you make her squirt

This article is about squirting - woman's ejaculation.I'll explain what that means and give you simple instructions on how you can make women cum from now on.

Woman's ejaculation - most guys have never heard of it. When the word “squirting” occurs, you see various moving images from porn films in front of your mind's eye. A woman is lying on the mattress with her legs apart, a guy has a few fingers in her pussy and seems to be busy doing some finger acrobatics in her.

Her moaning gets louder and louder until it almost overturns. Then, at the peak of her auditory outbursts of emotion, it breaks out between her legs. She squirts fluid out of her vagina in a high arc. A woman's ejaculation can be as much as ten feet - but this is only the case with very few women.

That a woman can ejaculate is just one big porn scam.

Most guys and women consider this to be a porn lie. Few have enjoyed it when women come in this delicate way. And even fewer guys have a clue of how this is possible. This is relatively easy to do. All you need is the right setting, a woman who likes to experiment, the right finger position and lots of biceps power.

Listen to Veronika's ejaculation experience and if she liked it:

Before I give you the technology by your hand (hey, funny pun 😀), I would like to give you some background information.

Fucking a woman in Heaven and driving her crazy about you is neither difficult nor complicated. It's more a question of technology. Internalize these 7 natural lover rules and your sex life will again be filled with fun, ecstasy and radiant potency.

Table of contents of the article

1. What exactly is happening there?

At the front of the pelvic area, at the level of the vagina and bladder, there is a very sensitive network of nerves and tissues. This network swells enormously when excited and fills with fluid. Some of the fluid is naturally released into the vagina through various glands, making it nice and supple for the tail.

However, a large part of the fluid remains in the tissue. It can only escape through the urinary tract. As arousal increases, this tissue can fill up to such an extent that some women feel as though they need to go to the bathroom and pee. I advise all women who are more willing to experiment (yes, women are reading along here) just to catch the pissed off in a container. On closer inspection it quickly becomes clear that this is not urine.

There may be small traces of urine, but the much larger part is the fluid from the excited nerve plexus around the vagina. It is very different from urine (smell, appearance and taste). If you use the right technique to excite the nerve plexus enormously, a reflex occurs in which the fluid pours out of the woman's urethra like a gush. SPLAAAAASH!

That's female ejaculation.

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2. A cup of liquid lets a woman out per ejaculation

The woman's ejaculation takes about the contents of a small cup and is physiologically comparable to the man's ejaculation. Endorphin waves flood through women during ejaculation. She experiences a climax that cannot be compared to any of the other orgasms and is therefore a very memorable experience for women.

So if you want to give women an incredibly awesome experience, you should take a closer look at this ability.

3. This is how 9 out of 10 women experience ejaculations

Enough of the dry science, let's get down to the wet tutorial steps. This is because it has a lot to offer and maybe contains more important information than you expected at first. Before the actual finger acrobatics, you should create a space of trust and excitement. It is important that the woman feels that she can trust you and can give herself fully to you.

Building trust is one of those things that has a lot to do with how authentic you are and how attentive you are to contact with the woman. To do this is beyond the scope of this article, but you can find many blog articles on our site that deal with just that, and of course we talk about it a lot in our free e-mail "Better Sex" lessons. Building up arousal, on the other hand, is somewhat easier and can be described in a shorter manner.

I recommend that you spoil your wife really well. In practice this means:

  • Talks about emotionally charged intimate topics,
  • kiss her passionately,
  • caress her sensually over the body
  • and whisper her dirty talk in her ear.

Everything paired with a bit of exercise should quickly ensure that she gets really wet between her legs and that her body is pulsing full of sex endorphins. Incidentally, I have had a lot of positive experiences with first licking the woman properly and then leading her to squirt. Just give yourself a try. It is crucial that you are simply present, press the right arousal buttons, do not put her under pressure and give her a lot of loving attention. That alone turns most women on enormously!

4. Women's Ejaculation - Why Is This Preparation So Important?

On the one hand, of course, because of the excitement. As I have already explained above, squirting is specifically related to the degree of arousal. Ergo: the more arousal, the more intense the squirting experience. The second reason, however, is far more important. The more you care about the woman's arousal and confidence, the more you give her the opportunity to let go and trust you.

You show her with it: "Hey relax, I know what I'm doing here. You can trust me and don't need to be ashamed of anything!“Don't get me wrong, getting a woman to squirt is a wonderful thing. For you because it's just beautiful to look at and for her because it just feels great.

HOWEVER (!) It is extremely embarrassing for many women. When women experience their ejaculations for the first time, it feels like they have to pee…. to bed. And which woman likes to do that ?! Or to put it the other way round: Imagine peeing in bed in front of a woman. Very few guys would have no problem with it. 😉

And that is exactly why a high level of trust is necessary. So make her feel that she can trust you and give herself to you fully. So she can let go at the crucial moment of squirting and surrender. Incidentally, sex is generally much better and more intense through trust, which is why it is worth paying a lot of attention to the subject of trust.

5. The correct finger technique for ejaculating women

So she is now in front of you and is really nice aroused and wet. Have her lie on her back for you. If possible, I recommend that you slide a towel under your pelvis at this point. Now put your middle and ring fingers in her pussy. Make sure that the pussy is really wet and that your fingernails have no sharp edges. Otherwise, this can feel very uncomfortable for women.

Now curve your fingers towards the abdominal wall; so upwards (see illustration).

Finger position and direction of movement (red arrows)

If you feel your fingertips very sensitively, you should be able to perceive the slightly wavy structure in the interior of the vagina. This is roughly where the “legendary” G-spot of women lies. Now start moving your fingers in a gentle crawl movement. So always with your fingertips along the corrugated structure in the interior of the vagina.

You will surely notice that the woman likes it very much. She will moan slightly, move her head back and forth, and rock her pelvis back and forth.

6. Curl your fingers!

If so, I can congratulate you. You have found the crucial point in the action. Now start to move your hand up and down in a vertical direction, i.e. towards the abdominal wall. Phew, that sounds a bit like instructions on how to set up an Ikea shelf, but actually it is meant in exactly the same way. 😀

Finger position and direction of movement (red arrows)

Through this movement, you are putting a lot of pressure on the sensitive nerve tissue of the vagina and specifically on its G-spot. Perhaps it is also worth knowing that the G-spot, in contrast to the clitoris, is particularly sensitive to constant pressure ... increasing pressure .... persistently increasing pressure.

That's why you should also increase the pressure when moving up and down. So far that you can almost lift the woman's entire lower body. Don't worry, the woman's realm is there to give birth to babies. So there is no particular risk of injury.

7. Remain conscious with the woman

Of course, be very careful when dealing with the woman. After all, it should be fun for her. If at some point you notice that she doesn't like it or if she says so, stop immediately. First and foremost, it's about their fun, their experience. She surrenders to herself, so act like a responsible man and give her a gift of beautiful feelings.

From this point on, perseverance is the most important thing. It may take a few minutes for her to squirt. Depending on how intensely you have aroused her beforehand, the woman will ejaculate earlier.

That takes a lot of bicep power. Believe me, quite a few guys have cramped muscles in their arms at some point. It was not uncommon for me to have to stop before the woman even ejaculated. Simply because my muscles no longer played along. Wasn't a problem either, it still felt very cool for her - I'm not running desperately after any target!

8. Tricks to increase ejaculation in women

However, there are little tips and tricks that will help enormously to increase your arousal and ejaculation. While you z. B. If you are busy with her, speak to her in a clear, dominant voice. Tell her that it feels great. Confirm them to just let themselves go because you know exactly what to do. Encourage you to have new experiences.

Baby, it turns me on the way you let yourself go! Just let yourself go, I want to make your body tremble!” “Wow do you look sexy. I'm crazy - just let yourself go. I want to experience the uninhibited sex beast in you!

Some women don't like this kind of dirty talk, but most of them get hooked on it. Try it. Meanwhile, lean over to her every now and then and give her hot, passionate kisses. You can also apply pressure to the abdominal wall from above with your other free hand. The additional pressure from above increases the stimulation of the G-spot inside the woman enormously.

Hand techniques and direction of movement (red arrows)

Most women add a few more decibels to moaning at this point. 😉

9. Women's ejaculation - Playing with fire

I also like to play with arousal at this point. That means, I bring them very close to the point of their climax and then abruptly stop my movements. This drives many women crazy at first. They sometimes ask and beg for you to arouse them beyond the orgasm threshold.

Don't let that irritate you, but keep teasing her in a loving way in this way. When she then has a climax, it will be many times more intense - we promise!

10. No ejaculation of the woman = no problem!

However, if she hasn't squirted after 5 minutes of intense stimulation, you needn't continue (unless the signs are very clear that she is about to do so). There is no guarantee that a woman can or cannot squirt. A whole range of other psychological and physical factors depend on this.

You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:
You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:

Just because you used the right technique and fully engaged with the woman doesn't automatically mean that she will react the way you would like. Everyone is different and everyone is ultimately responsible for their orgasm. You can invite the woman to accept the gift of squirting, but it's up to her whether or not she will ejaculate.

In any case, you gave her really great feelings and you should keep that in mind. Never set yourself a sexual goal, because that way you build up enormous pressure, which can ruin the entire further intimate process enormously. It's about making both of you feel good and not chasing goals.

11. A woman's ejaculation is over - then what?

If the woman squirts, continue to press rhythmically against her abdominal wall. In one final motion, rub the heel of your hand against her clitoris as she emerges from her pussy. This intense stimulation at the end throws some women into an orgasm high again.

Then let them breathe and enjoy. Lean towards her, touch her, stroke her and kiss her. Just stay in contact with her without expectation. A woman's ejaculation is very intense and very stressful on the body. It feels incredibly good and hardly a woman forgets this experience.

And that's why give her the time and let her really enjoy this sexual gift. After about one to two minutes it should have landed again and you can continue your intimate game.

12. Ejaculations in Women - The Summary

So far, that's all you need to know to make women ejaculate. In the abundance of information, you may have forgotten a few points. That's why I've summarized them briefly here:

  • First build trust and excitement,
  • then use your fingers to stimulate their G-spot,
  • increase your stimulation and increase the pressure from above
  • and keep going for several minutes.

After she comes, give her time to relax and enjoy. In doing all of this, make sure that the woman enjoys it and that you have fun too. Don't force anything, just always make offers. Sex is an encounter between two people who should give each other good feelings - no matter how they look.

Squirting is just a gift that you can give her.

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