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Why bladder infections keep coming back

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Severe pain, a burning sensation when urinating, and an increased urge to urinate are typical symptoms of cystitis. Women are particularly affected because their urethra is shorter than that of men and the urethra and anus are closer together. So actually useful intestinal bacteria can get into the bladder relatively easily. If they succeed in attaching themselves to the mucous membrane there, inflammation occurs. It mainly affects young women and women going through menopause.

Fast treatment is what counts

Since the germs multiply extremely quickly, it is important to act quickly if you have a cystitis. A simple urine test provides an initial indication. If the urine is cloudy, this indicates a bladder infection because urine is usually clear.

Common causes of cystitis are:

  • Hypothermia
  • incorrect intimate hygiene
  • frequent sexual intercourse
  • weakened immune system, for example due to stress
  • Hormonal changes (pregnancy or menopause)
  • too little drinking amount

Uncomplicated cystitis: natural remedies help

If you have a bladder infection, you should keep your abdomen warm and drink a lot.

It is especially important to drink a lot if you have a cystitis. Antibiotics are often prescribed right away, but experts advise against them due to increasing antibiotic resistance. In the case of uncomplicated cystitis, those affected should rather rest, keep the abdomen warm and drink a lot. We recommend at least two liters a day. Herbal remedies made from nasturtiums and horseradish also help.

When should sufferers go to the doctor?

If you have a fever, blood in the urine and severe pain in the abdomen and kidney area, those affected should definitely consult a doctor. In these cases an antibiotic can help. So that it can be prescribed specifically, the type of pathogen is identified beforehand using a urine culture.

Sometimes bacteria survive therapy

It is not uncommon for those affected to suffer from cystitis again and again, sometimes several times a year - even though they are treated with antibiotics every time. Danish researchers have now deciphered how the bacteria in the bladder survive the therapy. They change their shape, become extremely long and thin. So they can attach to the bladder wall, spread and infect more and more cells. In doing so, they also penetrate deeper layers of the bladder wall, where they stop dividing further. This makes them invulnerable to the body's immune system and also to the antibiotics.

Because these can only work while the bacteria multiply by dividing. The researchers are now looking for a way to prevent the bacteria from changing their shape so that they remain vulnerable.

What to do if you have frequently recurring cystitis?

Until that is successful, mustard oil-glycoside-containing medicines, which are obtained from nasturtiums and horseradish, often help. Used at an early stage, these drugs kill bacteria without creating resistance. However, these herbal medicines are not covered by all health insurance companies.

Another possibility is immunotherapy with your own, harmless intestinal bacteria, which are taken as a nasal spray. This type of vaccination, known as autovaccine, lasts for several weeks and can help patients who are repeatedly plagued by cystitis. The costs for the rather complex therapy of around 100 euros are not covered by the health insurance companies.

There are also premixed vaccines made from several different bacterial strains. Most health insurers do not pay for these either.

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