Fish have night vision

Biohacking: Night vision like a deep sea fish

In order to be able to see in the dark, night vision devices are usually used, which capture light in the infrared range. Night vision without a device is made possible by special eye drops developed by biohackers from California. Deep-sea fish are the model.

  1. PROSOZ Herten GmbH, Herten (Ruhr area)
  2. OEDIV KG, Bielefeld

It is pitch black in the deep sea. Some inhabitants of this habitat can still see - thanks to chlorin e6 (Ce6). This substance improves eyesight in low light. The substance is otherwise used in cancer therapy. However, Ce6 for medical use is not obtained from deep-sea fish, but from algae.

Ce6 is trickled into the eye

The biohackers of the Californian group Science For The Masses have tested the night vision: Gabriel Licina had Ce6 dripped in his eye. To do this, Licina's eyelids were fixed with a special device to prevent blinking - according to Licina, that was the most uncomfortable part of the experiment.

His vision in the dark increased immensely: at night he could make out people in a forest at a distance of 50 meters. Even when they were standing in front of a tree, he could tell them apart from the trunk. For comparison, volunteers without Ce6 were tested. They found only about a third of the people in the wood.

However, night vision has one disadvantage: As long as the Ce6 was working, Licina had to wear black contact lenses and sunglasses inside. But not for long: the effect wears off relatively quickly. A dose of 50 microliters lasts a few hours.