What fashion trends are popular in Singapore

Fashion trends 2019: you should know these

The year before the perfect time to relax Christmas gift ideas to collect and make new resolutions for the new semester. But above all, now is the time to see you again look for stylish fashion onlineto prepare you for the fashion year 2019. We can already reveal: The trends are getting colorful! Which styles should you know? Which it pieces are indispensable? And which designs shouldn't be missing in your wardrobe?

Shining stars in the fashion sky: which it-pieces do you need in 2019?

These highlights not only look good on the catwalk, but also in everyday university life:

Cycling shorts

The skepticism that many felt this year when it comes to cycling shorts is finally gone in 2019. No wonder, the figure-hugging pants are so incredibly comfortable. You can also easily combine it with an airy blouse and a playful handle bag. Such an outfit is particularly cool a matching bum bag and casual sneakers. Of course, heels are more stylish. You decide!

XXL bags

Space problems? Not with XXL pockets. They are trendy and extremely practical at the same time. After all, everything important fits into it: from the wallet to food and books to the laptop. XXL bags are ideal companions for university, but of course you can just as easily carry them in your free time.

Power suits

Is there a presentation coming up? An interview at a hip agency? At least when it comes to choosing clothes, you are perfectly prepared with Power Suits. These pantsuits convince with their bright, energetic tones. In 2019 it will definitely also be available in your favorite color. How to best combine power suits, you can here read up.

Which designs are popular?

Start the year 2019 in soft pastel tones. Powdery lilac, cheerful, light yellow or playful rosé, for example, are very trendy. The further the year goes on and the stronger the sun shines, the brighter the colors of your clothes can be. Yellow in particular will be very present in the coming year. The color of the sun makes you shine, no matter in which shade. To Pantone's fashion colors include pink and green, among others. They are described as "empowering" and are also conquering the catwalks. If you want, you can opt for an all-over look in your favorite color. So you are right on trend in 2019.

In terms of patterns, the new fashion year also has a lot to offer:

  • Glencheck
  • Graphic patterns
  • Colorful stripes
  • Fruit motifs
  • Tropical prints
  • Dark botanicals

Floral patterns have been very popular in recent years and it will be again in 2019. However, they then present themselves in a completely new manner. Denote dark botanicals colorful flower prints on dark basic colors. Do you like all these patterns? It's good that you don't have to choose. In 2019 you are welcome to combine patterns.

Which cuts can it be?

The following trend is causing some surprise: The capri pants are back. It is characterized by a 7/8 length and looks particularly fashionable when you wear it in lively tropical patterns. Summery, light fabrics feel pleasant on the skin, so you can wear them wonderfully not only in spring, but also in the next hot summer. So capri pants are a real all-rounder. Crop tops, blazers, white blouses and stylish mules go very well with it.

In are also elegant cuts with a business character. At least that's what the Berlin Fashion Week shows, where bow-tie blouses, blazers and pleated trousers often floated across the catwalk. The latter will even be available in short versions in 2019. The perfect piece if you want to dress airy but chic for the coming summer.

What else is trendy?

Of course, that wasn't all. There are many other trends. Some of the coolest and most popular are:

  1. Crochet pieces: Coarse knitting doesn't go with summer? Yes, very well. Crocheted clothing exudes a pure holiday feeling, especially in light tones. In your mind, she puts you right on the beach - ideal when exams are on and you can't leave. A hip belt completes your look.
  2. Utility style: Utility means something like "usefulness". This trend relies on one-pieces in light, light shades of color. These are reminiscent of the military look and harmonize perfectly with crossbody bags or hip bags.
  3. transparency: Next year will be breathtaking. Transparent elements are in and they give your outfit a healthy dose of sexiness. Mesh fabrics, plastic and vinyl finishes and embroidered naked tops are popular. How much you wear underneath is up to you.
  4. Glamorous details: How about a sparkling sequin dress? Tops and shoes with glitter embellishments? Clothing with shiny metallic effects is also trendy in 2019. It looks classy, ​​chic and has a glamorous Hollywood feeling. You can perfect this with details such as fringes, feathers, pompons or tulle applications.