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Create an affiliate website with a website builder - 5 providers in comparison

Even if I like to use WordPress myself to set up affiliate websites, a website builder offers many advantages, especially for beginners.

In the following, I will show you what these are and how you can create an affiliate website with a website builder. In doing so, I present 5 homepage builder providers in more detail and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

What is the best website builder?

Many will now ask themselves what the best website builder is. Unfortunately, there is no general answer to that, because there is no such thing as THE best construction kit.

The many different providers have of course each developed their own solutions that have particular strengths, but also weaknesses.

Here it is important to look carefully at what is particularly important and then to decide.

I do have one favorite though, which I will go into in more detail below.

Create an affiliate website with a website builder

Here are 5 interesting homepage builder providers that are available in Germany and can be used for an affiliate website.

I will go into how easy they are to use and how well you can use them to implement an affiliate website. Of course, I am particularly interested in what the integration of affiliate links and other affiliate advertising materials looks like.

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1. Jimdo

Jimdo * has developed very well in recent years and offers a comprehensive website construction kit that leaves almost nothing to be desired.

You can select one of the many available templates here and then adjust and expand them later using drag and drop. This makes it much easier to get started and also allows individual adjustments. Even if the layout templates are not specifically intended for affiliate websites, they can also be used to implement an affiliate website.

So you can integrate advertising material such as affiliate links and banners. That is allowed and possible without any problems. You can also use your own HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which is of course important for some advertising media (e.g. Amazon widget).

However, it is not possible to use a special Amazon plugin, which is generally not possible with modular systems. AAWP is therefore not possible here and therefore no automatic bestseller lists, special product boxes and the like.

Jimdo is very easy to use and you don't need any knowledge of PHP, HTML, JS or CSS. Beginners can create a fancy affiliate website without any code, write useful content and incorporate affiliate links and banners. More information can be found in my detailed article on Jimdo.

You can also start here for free, but then you have to fall back on a subdomain. For less than 10 euros a month you can set up a website with your own domain, which incidentally also has a mobile version, which is very important for the future.

In my experience, Jimdo is one of the most sophisticated website builders and is very suitable for affiliate websites. Operation is very simple and advertising material can be used.

2. Wix

The website construction kit provider Wix * definitely attracts attention with its name and takes it quite loosely itself. You see TV advertising here again and again and the service is also heavily advertised on the Internet. But can you implement an affiliate website with it?

Wix also offers a free plan and several paid plans. If you use the free tariff, a subdomain is used for your own website.

The layout publishers are diverse and modern. So you will definitely find something suitable for your own affiliate website. In addition, you can (depending on the tariff) create a blog, design a logo, carry out search engine optimization, insert animations, create media galleries and much more.

Of course, the Wix layout is also mobile-friendly, so that little stands in the way of a modern affiliate website. From around 10 euros a month, there is not only a domain included, but also more bandwidth and storage space.

The installation of affiliate links is also possible here without any problems. Amazon products can be conveniently integrated via their own Wix app (add-on). Many other apps allow other interesting content.

The many available free Wix apps in particular expand the possibilities of this website builder. This means you can definitely build a good affiliate website with Wix, even if it is a little more expensive than other providers.

3. 1 & 1 MyWebsite

1 & 1 also offers its own website builder with MyWebsite *. This enables you to create your own website relatively quickly.

In a few minutes the layout is selected and the first content is created. There is standard content that is already included, but you should definitely revise it for SEO reasons.

SSL is also available here, as is built-in statistics. As a service from Germany, it is advertised that it is GDPR-compliant, which is definitely a plus. Multilingual affiliate websites are also possible with this. A large library of images is also available.

Unfortunately, there is no free tariff (although these are also not recommended for the other providers in the long term). After all, MyWebsite is currently available for free for 3 months and then the service costs around 10-15 euros per month, depending on the tariff.

The fact that JavaScript and HTML can be used in the editor and, in addition to normal affiliate links, widgets and other dynamic advertising media from partner programs can be used for affiliates in any case.

The bottom line is that 1 & 1 MyWebsite is really a good website builder that provides everything an affiliate website needs. I particularly like the ease of use here.

4. Webnode

The Webnode * modular service has been around for a long time and has many customers around the world. This is due, among other things, to the extensive backend, which offers many functions.

Here you can start with a free tariff, with which, however, a small advertisement is displayed and you only use one subdomain, as with the other services.

The functions include statistics, shop functions, language versions, form editor, SEO settings and much more. Even a members area is possible, which is not so relevant for affiliates.

A large picture gallery is available and of course the layouts are also mobile-ready here.

From around 5 euros a month, you can even get your own domain and the most important basic functions for an affiliate website. PHP is also not possible here, but HTML and JavaScript, which enables the integration of affiliate widgets. Of course, normal affiliate links and affiliate banners are also possible.

The bottom line is that Webnode is an insider tip, I would say. The Servive kit is not as popular as the others, but it offers many functions at a very good price.

5. Page4

With Page4 *, I am introducing another lesser-known website builder that is well worth a look.

A plus point here is that the editor and the entire interface are kept rather simple and you can find your way around very quickly.

You can create a blog, create pages, create picture galleries and more. You can also insert HTML and JavaScript, which allows, for example, the integration of Amazon widgets.

I find the interface very clear and pleasant to use, even if the range of functions of the other modules is not quite achieved. eCommerce functions are also available, but this is not so important for an affiliate website.

The free plan also only offers a subdomain and limited storage space. But from 5 euros a month you can use a domain and set up a good affiliate website.

The lower price is definitely an advantage here and the range of functions allows an affiliate website to be set up, even if a few special functions would be useful for affiliates.

Which website builder is best for affiliate websites?

As you can see from this comparison, there isn't ONE website builder that is better suited for affiliate websites than any other. Special functions (such as the apps at Wix) are available with one or the other website builder and can make the difference, depending on what you are looking for.

But it is also clear that there is no affiliate website builder that offers special functions for affiliates. However, this is not absolutely necessary, because with all the modules presented you can integrate normal affiliate links and also advertising materials based on JavaScript.

So I can only recommend trying the free plans that most of them offer. This is how you can find out which editor suits you best and which kit you can use best.

Personally, I still think Jimdo is best because I get along best with the interface.

Are Jimdo, Wix and Co. really free?

With the exception of 1 & 1, these providers offer free tariffs that are really free. However, these are limited. So you always have only one subdomain, which is not recommended for a long time and sometimes even an advertising banner from the provider is displayed.

Therefore, I can only recommend the free tariffs for testing. You have to pay between 5 and 10 euros per month for the reasonable tariffs, which is not a problem for a website that will make money.

But you get all the necessary functions to implement an affiliate website.

Advantages of a website builder

I like to use WordPress for my affiliate websites, which I install myself with a hoster like *. This offers many options, such as many free plugins and layouts.

However, the maintenance and administrative effort is quite high. Updates have to be made, as well as loading time optimizations etc.

This is exactly where a website builder has its advantages, because you don't have to worry about software updates or any other technical issues. This is a great advantage especially for beginners and saves a lot of time and nerves. But even advanced affiliates really appreciate this, because the administrative effort increases with every “normal” affiliate website. A website builder is a great time saver.

In the end, I would be very interested to know whether you have already had experience with a website builder and what exactly it looks like.

Create an affiliate website in a few minutes - without any technical knowledge!
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