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Discord chat

Dear those affected by the dissociative identity structure!

I am starting a new project about communication between those affected with a dissociative identity structure to facilitate and to lower the hurdles that exist for the closed echo forum.

From today Since October 2020 there has been a communication platform called "Dissociation Discord" for those affected!

A "Discord server"is a free medium for us to chat with each other.
To access the chat will be an account with Discordotherwise you can neither read nor take part in the chat.

You can find more information in a simple way here: Elternrechte.de or on Wikipedia.

What is Discord?

Chats as you know them from before, i.e. a website that you open, enter your account data and text with other people over the Internet, are relatively extinct.
Why is also obvious: You are used to sending everything possible, i.e. pictures, videos, you may want to send a voice message, etc.
Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Co. have fundamentally changed the way we communicate.

Discord was originally created as a replacement for a computer game communication platform (Teamspeak).
The advantage of Discord is: I don't have to take money into my hands or look after a server / computer to enable communication.
Anyone can create and use a server "free of charge", but you can still spend money on certain features.
The big disadvantage: You pay with your data. As with all free services, the person with their data is the payment and everyone should be aware of that.

"From a data protection point of view, however, the unreflective use of Discord is particularly questionable. This is due to the fact that the" data protection provisions "of Discord in no way correspond to the local data protection requirements - in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The company and its servers are located in the USA, when using it, you consent to your own data being processed and passed on there. The messages sent via Discord are also not end-to-end encrypted, which is now even the case with most common messenger services (e.g. WhatsApp). This means that messages are open to the company and are not additionally protected from external attacks. Discord has summarized which data is collected, processed and passed on in a very clear and understandable language: https://discordapp.com/ privacy
(= all personal data or all content in any form is collected)"Source: https://www.playeratgeber-nrw.de/Discord-in-der-Kinder-und-Jugendarbeit.5987.de.1.html

You can use Discord via the browser or an app / program and is therefore platform-independent.
See the link: https://discord.com/

Why did I decide to start this project?

I am missing a real-time communication platform for those affected that is properly looked after and moderated benevolently.
So many affected people have no opportunity to get to know other affected people because a forum may not meet their own requirements, online groups are poorly administered or not administered at all.
I see a small supply gap here and I think I can close it well with it.

Here is a small information graphic that explains something to you:

The rules for our Discord server:

Rule # 1 introduction:
1 person = 1 account! Please introduce yourself (no system introduction!):
- My point of contact with the diagnosis (p) DIS?
- How did I get here?
- I do it with pleasure:

Rule # 2 General:
- The server is exclusively for those affected with a dissociative identity structure
- this Discord server is only for people over 18 years of age (!)
- German jurisprudence applies

Rule # 3 Discord Chat:
- All content of the chat may not be copied or published
- Multiple accounts without prior agreement lead to exclusion
- No dosages / quantities of medication
- No place of residence or real names / information that leads to conclusions about yourself
- Diffarming and "trolling" or "Hatespeek" will not be tolerated and will lead to the ban
- Inactive members are automatically deleted after 30 days of inactivity

Rule # 4 behavior in chat:
- Please ask in the chat beforehand whether you can contact someone via private message
- on the other side of the line there is also a person who, while writing, thinks that he or she also has feelings.
- Each user is responsible for the contributions that have been made here with his account
- No trigger warnings / asterisk notation (the channel is: triggerthemen or the Discord spoiler elsewhere)
- Terms / names / salutation: compromises may be made so that everyone can be addressed by their registered name, as well as the terminology for the working name "parts / personalities / inside etc." can be used without causing a dispute
- Individual users have the right, without stating reasons, to refuse access temporarily or permanently if the rules are disregarded
- Individual cases that are not covered by the rules are assessed and decided individually

There is no restriction on members, so anyone can join our Discord chat basically who accepts the rules, Affected has a dissociative identity structure (= (p) DIS) and is at least 18 years old.

And this is the link required to join the server: https://discord.gg/nS6p2u2

Greetings and good communication!