How to develop Muenchhausen Syndrome

Munchausen Syndrome

Munchausen syndrome is one of the so-called artificial (artificial) disturbances. Patients with this disorder do not suffer from a physical illness, but rather invent their symptoms.

In order to make the invented disease appear more believable, those affected often submit self harmif you have Munchausen Syndrome. As an insert, "By proxy" indicates that the person affected is not faking the disease for himself but for a person close to him or is actively producing it. Syndrome or surrogate hypochondria syndrome). Most of the time, the person close to you is your own child. Important: To simulate an illness in him or to produce it is considered a form of Child abuse, also, because the child has to go to the doctor again and again and he may initiate treatment that is not even needed.

Munchausen syndrome occurs rarely, but it is a major challenge for teams of doctors and lawyers. It is often difficult to convict the affected person, as patients with Munchausen syndrome change clinics as soon as doctors confront them with their suspicions . In addition, the syndrome often occurs together with other diseases such as personality disorders, depression or addictions. It is not clear whether those affected consciously control their behavior and whether they can be held responsible for it.