What are the 7 State of Marketing

Infographic: This is the status of content marketing in 2021

Contentbird, a content marketing platform, has used a study to highlight the latest developments in content marketing in 2021. 238 marketing managers were asked about the status of content marketing in their company. You will find the results summarized below and illustrated in an infographic below.

Content marketing on the advance - despite the corona crisis

The Covid 19 pandemic has increased the importance of content marketing for 64.1 percent of those surveyed. The corona crisis represents both a challenge and an opportunity for those responsible for marketing, as one respondent explains:

[...] the constantly changing situation (Covid-19) - it is more difficult to make forecasts, which is also exciting because you can try out completely new and creative content ideas.

Covid-19 seems to have little effect on the growing importance of content marketing. This is shown, among other things, by the fact that 43.1 percent of the respondents stated that they consider this to be just as important for their management as other marketing activities. 26.2 percent of the study participants think it is even more important.

Lack of resources

Only a small proportion of the respondents lacked ideas (6.8 percent) or the necessary know-how (10.7 percent) to optimize their content marketing. By far the biggest hurdle for content production is a lack of resources. More than half cited this as the reason preventing them from expanding content marketing. One respondent stated that they found more budget and a larger team to be helpful.

But which step requires the highest investment of budget and time? In both cases, the creation of the content is in first place with around half of all votes.

Video content is growing in importance

Video content has long been a favorite with the public. It is therefore hardly surprising that 55.6 percent of respondents said that the video content format will increase the most in their work in 2021. It is also particularly important to stand out from other companies when it comes to content. Developing this individuality is one of the greatest challenges, as one respondent explains:

Not to sell the customer “more of the same”, but to find out exactly what content a company can use to differentiate itself, so that added value and relevance for the reader is created.

As the study shows, content marketing is becoming more and more important. The infographic shown can serve as a guide for companies about the latest developments in content marketing. Especially in times of the corona crisis, companies should develop individually adapted strategies in order to meet the current challenges as best as possible.