How do social media improve your communication skills

Social media and identity

The Instagram online network is mainly used by people between the ages of 18 and 35. Most of them are girls and women. They show selfies very often. So photos that they took of themselves. They also often write their opinions on photos of others. The most important issue in these photos is appearance. It's all about how you can make yourself more beautiful with fashion and make-up. Here, being beautiful usually means: looking as possible as the women and men in advertising and in the film. So slim and sporty. But there are also photos of bodies that are different. There are also photos of people with disabilities. This makes it clear that people are very different. It's normal for someone to be imperfect. For example Ilka Brühl. Ilka has a cleft face. She shows photos of herself on the Instagram social network. You can read an interview with Ilka here.

Above all, boys and men want to be masculine. Many find it manly when they are strong. Or they find it masculine when they have power over others. Many also believe that stupid sayings are masculine. But not everyone likes that in social networks.

Your body is very important to most people today. It is important to them that their body looks good and is fit. That's why a lot of people do sports. There are more gyms today than there used to be. Many people adorn their bodies with tattoos. The body is an important issue for young people. They show their bodies in photos on social networks. And they look at other people's photos.

Most young people show only good qualities and abilities of themselves in social networks. Adolescents rarely talk about their problems. For example about eating disorders or addiction diseases. Or about other mental problems. They usually get little praise or recognition from others for their problems. That's why they don't tell about it. It's easy to show praise and appreciation on social networks. For example with a like (pronunciation: leik). That is English and means to like. All you need is one click. Anyone who gets a lot of likes from others is happy. Because that's how he gets a lot of praise and recognition.