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Helping founders digitally: How Corona changed Philipp Westermeyer's 1st influencer job

Influencers are mostly young, cool and have a large reach on the platforms. You have to decide for yourself which of these applies to OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer. The world's largest domain registrar and web host GoDaddy has hired the OMR founder as an influencer. The goal: Together with him, it girl Bonnie Strange and rapper Eko Fresh, GoDaddy wants to support small businesses in optimizing their web presence. We show how they started with it before the Corona crisis and how the young companies have benefited from the improved online presence in the meantime.

Perhaps you have already met the GoTeam: Bonnie Strange, Eko Fresh and Philipp Westermeyer traveled all over Germany to help founders and small business owners to create or optimize their website. The project was launched by GoDaddy, the largest domain registrar in the world, with over 19 million customers. In the course of their journey, the three met five companies that have to overcome very different challenges. The tour took place before the corona crisis worsened - accordingly, the tasks have changed extremely once again.

Visiting all of Germany

The three of them stopped at Stadtherzen, a family-run company in Hamburg, for example. The Bischoff family has been offering handmade and printed wooden hearts, wooden signs and now silver pendants for chains since 2015. The GoTeam was able to help lift the products into an online shop. Up until now the Bischoff family had mainly sold at weekly markets and events. Next stop: Frankfurt. Here the three meet Samuel Bisrat from Outdoorkids. He offers sports courses for kids, but started with a relatively dreary website. It already looks very different today and it quickly becomes clear what outdoor kids are actually about: fun for children with sports.

The GoTeam visited Autark Tattoo in Berlin. The extremely old-fashioned side of the tattoo studio drills the team properly and has been focusing on the works of the tattooists around boss Florian Riffel ever since. The GoTeam in Munich continued with Localstoring. Julius Baer and the brothers Stefan and Janis Held founded the company, which brokered storage space in and in private attics and basements. Above all, there was input on the business model that the founders want to take to heart. Finally, Philipp, Bonnie and Eko went to Cologne, where they met Tino Engelmann and Christian Höber, the founders of Pinkbus. The two offer long-distance bus connections between major German cities and, according to the GoTeam's input, want to emphasize the environmental aspect even more.

The corona crisis strikes

Shortly after GoDaddy's campaign, however, the effects of the corona pandemic had a full impact on the five companies - as on so many smaller companies in Germany. Stadtherzen from Hamburg only started its online shop four weeks ago. “We are in the process of placing advertisements on all possible channels such as Instagram, Facebook and other websites. Since we are no longer allowed to sell on markets, our main source of income, this is our only way to overcome this crisis as best we can, ”says Cevin Bischoff, Managing Director of Stadtherzen. GoDaddy is currently supporting the family by buying products worth 1,000 euros from the family and giving them away to its community.

Even Samuel Bisrat from Outdoorkids can currently no longer carry out his sports activities organized for children. “We continue to generate income through our membership fees, but large projects have failed,” he says. Samuel is currently starting video content on Youtube, where he shows parents how they can do sports with their kids in their own four walls. In this way, he can at least generate reach for his company and win new customers for the time after Corona. “We are currently also planning a live streaming format,” says Samuel. “We also offer coupons and sell our merchandise products.” GoDaddy will also buy vouchers worth 1,000 euros from him and raffle them off within the community.

Everything has to work online

It looks similar with Autark Tattoo. Florian Riffel had to close his studio completely and has only limited opportunities to compensate for the loss of sales. “Unfortunately, the new website has not had any impact on current business so far. It looks beautiful, and those who have seen it like it immensely! In addition, in the current situation it is very difficult to get customers excited about a purely offline product. The Corona story slows everything down, new customers have not reported since then, ”Florian told OMR. But he reacted extremely quickly and offers vouchers for future tattoos on the newly designed page. Here, too, GoDaddy takes vouchers worth 1,000 euros and then raffles them off. “I try to encourage customers to buy vouchers with recurring posts. These can of course be redeemed with us after the current time. So much for the plan, unfortunately there hasn't been the biggest implementation to date, ”he says.

Localstoring can at least continue to do its business. “By revising the texts and using more image materials, our SEO strategy has been confirmed very successfully. We achieved a strong increase in traffic in all KPIs. We are not only found organically more often, but also by the right people, ”says founder Stefan Held. But his company also notices corona effects: “Many landlords currently do not want to have contact with a tenant, vice versa. However, we have noticed an amazing trend and are currently focusing heavily on this: Many people use the time at home to clear out their garages, basement compartments and attics. We are actively onboarding them as new landlords on the platform so that the newly created space can be rented directly and profitably. ”In order to draw even more attention from this target group, the company is also planning to advertise. For a campaign via Google Ads, GoDaddy adds another 1,000 euros to the budget and also provides content-related support.

Understand the crisis as an opportunity

The entire fleet at Pinkbus is currently at a standstill. However, the founders also see the current situation as an opportunity. “We are currently preparing a rebranding that should go live in May. At the same time, our website will also be rebuilt and allow Philipp's feedback to flow in, ”says Tino Engelmann. “Overall, we're an online platform and don't own the assets. That benefits us. Nevertheless, we also have to ensure that our bus partners get through the crisis well. "

The team used the time that was freed up to prepare for the post-Corona phase: "We have currently tried to reduce fixed costs to the maximum and are currently using the time to tackle strategic issues - for example revising our positioning and communication strategy, carrying out rebranding, resumption and Post-Corona expansion planning and PR campaigns, ”said Tino Engelmann. But Pinkbus also gets support from GoDaddy. Here, too, the company wants to purchase vouchers worth 1,000 euros.

It shows once again how important a digital strategy is for any type of company - especially to be prepared for any scenario. Small companies in particular now have to ensure that they either generate sales online or at least generate reach in order to be able to quickly revive their business after the crisis. So see how you can currently act and what opportunities arise for your business.

GoDaddy provides you with the best tools for this. There is also individual advice on how to start your company digitally. So stop by GoDaddy and get started right away!