Are people really happy?

What makes us really happy in life

I decided to be happy because it is very good for my health. - Voltaire

Happiness and being happy mean something different for everyone. Therefore, there is not one way to personal happiness, but many that everyone has to find out for themselves. Those who are happy live healthier lives, are happier and exude satisfaction. But what exactly is happiness? Can you learn happiness in old age?

What is luck?

The so-called Happiness research deals with the topic of happiness. The researchers divide happiness into Happiness in life and chance happiness on. Where is the difference?
The luck of chance cannot be influenced, such as winning the lottery. By chance, one becomes lucky in a moment. The Happiness in life however, everyone can influence. For example, through so-called happiness makers, which we will come to later.
We have happy moments every day. It's the little moments that make us happy. For some of us, family time is fortunate. Some people enjoy reading an exciting crime thriller in peace and quiet in their own garden. Sitting with friends in a café or by the lake and talking about God and the world makes me happy.

A happy couple is dancing in the kitchen

What we can learn from happiness research

What about happiness in other countries?
Science organizations research "wellbeing" around the world. The researchers agree on the basic requirements for a happy life. Physical and mental health, freedom, social relationships, self-determination and an adequate income are the basis for a fulfilled life.

Scandinavian countries, Denmark at the top, are considered the luckiest. Germany is in the middle of the list. Apparently we Germans are rather suspicious and skeptical about happiness. We actually have no reason to. We are doing well compared to other countries. Time to change our minds. In many countries happiness is viewed as a great good even by the state. The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, for example, does not value gross domestic product, but that Gross happiness product. Let's create our own gross happiness product! It depends on the personal perspective and how we deal with situations. For example, we often get annoyed when it is pouring rain and open our umbrella in annoyance. Children, on the other hand, are happy about the rain and happily hop through the puddles. Being happy is a setting thing!

Whatever happens, it is up to us to see happiness or unhappiness in it. - Anthony de Mello

Family, friends and acquaintances make you happy

The difference between happy and unhappy people is often in the Social life justified. We humans need to exchange ideas. Whether with the family at dinner, with the neighbors in the hallway or with the postman at the garden gate. It is not the number that matters, but the quality of the relationship.

Experiences make you happier than possessions

Money solves some of the worries in everyday life. But how does it say in the vernacular: money alone does not make you happy. Traveling, going to the theater, going out to dinner with our partner, spending time with friends, make us more happy than having a lot of money.

This is what the expert says:
If you want to do something good for yourself, invest your money more often in experiences than in buying property.
Peggy Long, book: Miss Optimist: Happiness is (not) a pure coincidence

Another, fulfilling feeling can be Helpfulness be. At some point in life we ​​all have to deal with difficult situations or changed living conditions. How good we look at each other is important for our happiness changed living conditions and new problems can customize. We learn to deal with difficult situations over time.

When I was on the train yesterday after work, a young woman sat down next to me and suddenly started crying. I handed her a handkerchief and asked if I could give her help could. She said that she fell ill when she was 8 years old and gradually went blind over time. Yesterday she had found out that she now needs a white cane. Losing a large part of their independence is terrible for them. Still she has Blessing in disguise. Her best friend accompanies her on her blind course and gives her support. She smiled: "I can blindfold her too, so that she knows how I'm doing."
We spent the rest of the drive trying to find positive things about her blindness and we did that too. With dried tears and a smile, she got out. So yesterday I had the experience again that a little optimism that Self esteem strengthens and significantly influences the feeling of happiness.

Which lucky saboteurs are there?

Don't let your luck get through Lucky saboteurs to take! Luck saboteurs can, for example, be people around you who steal your energy.

This is what the expert says:
Surround yourself with happy people and your likelihood of becoming happier will also increase.

But not just the people around you, too negative thought patterns and Beliefs inhibit your feeling of happiness. If you constantly keep your weaknesses in mind, you create a bad mood and thereby sabotage your own well-being. Negative emotions affect your body. Envy, for example, makes you sad, angry and lowers self-confidence. Use envy rather than incentive and be grateful for what you have. The optimistic mindset makes you happier and more successful.

Positive and negative exist simultaneously and independently of each other. Negative feelings are part of life. It depends on that Relationship between positive and negative emotions and how we deal with it.

It doesn't depend on the quantity of social contacts, but on the quality.

Happiness maker

Happiness and health are closely related. If the well-being is correct, the immune system is strengthened. If we are happy, our body produces fewer stress hormones, our blood is generally thinner and this reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems. Happiness makers help us to actively influence our happiness.

What happiness makers are there? The following list makes the principle of happiness-makers clear: We ourselves have the greatest influence on our happiness!

  • Self acceptance: I think I'm really good
  • Social relationships: Family, partners and friends
    Friends are the family you choose. Celebrate your successes, parties and birthdays with friends. Friends catch you in a crisis and give you comfort when it is needed. Even embarrassing stories develop into funny anecdotes with friends.
  • Meaning of life: How do I fill my time sensibly, what do I want to achieve?
  • Sports: Regular exercise
  • Personal development: for example learn a foreign language
  • I am the blacksmith of my luck: I can actively influence my happiness
  • gratitude: I am grateful for my family, friends and acquaintances
    Gratitude is more than just courtesy. It comes from within, can be expressed through a mere smile or a hug, and promotes wellbeing

Collect happiness

With some exercises we train our perception for the beautiful moments in life and train our happiness. Train your happiness with these 3 exercises:

  • Lucky diary: Collect positive moments in your personal diary. Write down three things you are grateful for, your moment of achievement (these can also be little things). You can find more suggestions in our article Tips for a good mood.
  • Mindfulness can easily be incorporated into everyday life, slows down life and promotes health. With mindfulness exercises, you become aware of what is happening around you. Experience every moment consciously. A simple one Mindfulness exercise is "luck in your pocket": Put a few stones in your right trouser or jacket pocket. Whenever you experience, see or hear something positive, you consciously take a stone out of your trouser pocket and put it in your left trouser or jacket pocket. At the end of the day, see how many Moments of happiness You have experienced it and you are aware of it. In this way you practice mindfulness and the perception of happiness and train your awareness of the positive.
  • Random actions of kindness: A compliment, a door open, a souvenir from shopping, a smile or a friendly "good morning" - small actions of friendliness not only lift other people's spirits, but also your own.

Enjoy the little things in life

Happiness inspiration

Luck is …
... to enjoy the little things.
... to snack on the first strawberries of the year.
... where there is good luck.
... to bite into a piece of fragrant, still warm cake.
... to watch a butterfly / ladybug.
... to let the sun tickle your nose.
… To hear your favorite song on the radio and sing along loudly.
... to discover little wonders everywhere.
... to look back gratefully on the day in the evening.
... laugh at mishaps with friends.
... eat your favorite meal with your family.
... to forgive.
... to be curious.
... to make daisy chains with small children.

Happiness is watching a ladybug

One can learn happiness

Our attitude towards happiness affects how many happy moments we experience. Happiness doesn't depend on who you are or what you own; it just depends on what you think. If we think we are lucky, we perceive more lucky coincidences than if we think we are unlucky.
Life is easier and happier with a positive attitude and a good dose of humor. And when it rains, just jump through puddles or dance in the rain. The next rays of sun are sure to come.

What does happiness mean to you? Do you know of other recommendable articles on the topic? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments or on Facebook!