What are Necessary Steps to Spiritual Awakening?

Enlightenment and spiritual awakening

What is Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening?

The terms Spiritual awakening and Enlightenment are almost identical.
It is the realization that there is more to it than standard human life. Spiritual awakening gives the feeling of having discovered something extremely valuable. This is something so precious that perhaps no one else around this person has known before. Awakening is the realization that one can get down from this carousel of life, this always the same thing in human life. Awakened people know that there is something that can be described in terms of developed consciousness or divinity. You are determined to find out. In doing so, they are ready to drop all the old rules, patterns and paradigms.

The earth needs awakened people

Basically there is a strong need for one here on earth expanded awareness. The earth has an urgent need for awakened, conscious people. Otherwise their destruction and with it the loss of our entire livelihood is foreseeable.

How can I get to this spiritual awakening, this enlightenment?

What kind of secret is that? What is the formula behind it? Is it something that can only be obtained through certain behaviors, through certain thoughts, exercises and rituals, or even through diets?
There are certainly people to whom one or the other behavior or exercise is very useful and these things can definitely get us a long way off. Therefore, further topics are examined in this context. Basically, however, one will hardly be able to attain enlightenment with any kind of effort. It is more of an attitude, a realization, or even more of a grace than an act.


So what do I need for spiritual awakening?

The key words for this are trust and allowance.

It requires complete trust in "I am", which is what the fully awakened consciousness, the true body of consciousness, means. Only through unreserved trust can Enlightenment happen.

Enlightenment cannot be earned or worked for, and you do not have to have any special intelligence for it. It just happens when the person lets it go, when he gives permission from the bottom of his heart or from the soul level. We cannot know what is ultimately decisive for the experience of enlightenment. Then it just happens - in a subtle but very profound way.

Conscious breathing and letting go

Deep, conscious breathing can be very helpful in this process. A complete inner letting go is also necessary here. So no working on it, but letting go. Basically, enlightenment can be a completely natural state. The human mind cannot produce awakening. He cannot imagine it, let alone shape it. You can also put it this way: spiritual awakening brings your own divine part into the body and also holds it there. People who are looking for this path have a deep desire to live here on this planet earth and to be one with their divinity. Because this gives people every opportunity to shape their life freely and entirely according to their own discretion and wishes.

How can I do that?

This requires a lot of perseverance and the full determination to follow your own heart.
If that succeeds, our whole planet can ultimately change and become more human and more beautiful in the process. And that can only happen through our example. The more people go this way, the greater the impact on our earth and on all other people. This then is the true transcendence and fulfillment.
An enlightened person can walk as a real master in his life. So he can enjoy his life to the fullest.

Challenges and obstacles on the way to spiritual awakening

The journey to spiritual awakening can be quite challenging. There are innumerable things in our everyday life that can distract us from this path. Dark days, difficulties and hardships can overshadow the path to enlightenment. The changes that come with this journey may also instill tremendous fear in us at first. In particular, there may be a fear of getting lost. A feeling of confusion can also arise.

Follow the heart

Only by following my heart can I overcome these difficulties. I cannot fail in the full connection to my heart. The motto is: courageously follow your heart and thus go through the challenges. So over time the goal, enlightenment, can come about. And then I can thank myself.

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