How can I contact Tulsi Gabbard

Nationalist friend and still left?

USA, November 2020: Another political earthquake. Tulsi Gabbard prevailed against internal party competition with the Democrats and sent Donald Trump back to his tower. With her entry into the White House, the new superstar crowns a steep political career that began in Hawaii and continued in the US Congress.

Mrs. President is the first woman, the first Hindu, and by far the youngest female boss in the White House. At her inauguration party, she wears a colorful Hawaiian flower chain. With her beaming smile, in front of the cheering masses, she repeats the campaign slogan that has been on her website since mid-January 2019: »Aloha. If we stand together united, motivated by love for one another and for our country, then there is nothing that can stop us «.

It would have been nice. Because since her declaration of intent last weekend to enter the election campaign, the supposedly progressive 37-year-old congressman has been flying about the political past. In 2014 Gabbard toured India at the invitation of its right wing premier Narendra Modi and became guest of honor of the nationalist Hindu volunteer corps RSS.

In the USA, too, she maintains contacts with Islamophobic Hindu extremists. According to the Internet magazine »Intercept«, considerable campaign money flowed in. Modi supporters in the USA regard Gabbard as an anchor in Congress. In fact, even before her trip to India, she had railed against a resolution calling on Modi to protect religious minorities. In 2016, she also caused a stir with a visit to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad.

Since standing behind Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary, Gabbard has apologized for past domestic sins - from anti-LBGT tirades to rejecting the $ 15 minimum wage requirement. But she prefers to remain silent about her cross-frontier foreign policy, which some call "gabbardism".

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