How do you melt a few cents

Is it allowed to melt down 1 cent coins if the value of the copper in the coin exceeds 1 cent?

Hi Guys,

I keep getting direct mail from MDM Deutsche Münze in Braunschweig. So far I've always thrown them away.

Now I have looked at the letter up close and saw that the current offer contains official 10 EUR commemorative coins, which you can also buy free receives a EUR 2 coin.

That means you pay 10 EUR and receive coins with a value of 12 EUR. And that's also postage-free. Original wording: "You don't pay a cent extra and you don't take any risks."

Well, everyone can decide for themselves that this is great business. But at first I get suspicious of something like that and then the suspicion wakes up.

What am I getting at? I'm interested in the business model behind this promotion. The MDM receives 10 EUR from me and sends me coins to the value of 12 EUR, and it also pays the postage. And the direct mail must also be designed (personnel costs), printed and distributed.

What is the MDM's interest in doing this?

So the MDM only makes the 2 EUR coin enclose for free to create an incentive for me to buy the coins.

But how does it finance it? What does MDM have to pay to get such a coin? Apparently less than 10 EUR. How come Or who is putting on it? The State? If so, how can that be and how to deal with it? Or does the whole business live from the fact that the coins are collected and not put into circulation? In this way, liquid funds would then be withdrawn from the circulation of money instead of being increased.

Who knows it?

Many greetings and thanks for all answers,