Can I pay with euros in Ukraine

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Local currency:

Hryvnia (UAH)
1 hryvnia = 100 Kopijok.

If the declaration is incorrect, the Ukrainian customs can confiscate the traveller's property. Information about customs regulations should be obtained well in advance of travel. If possible, the import of large sums of money should be avoided. If you are unsure whether certain amounts of money have to be declared or not, a declaration form should be filled out to be on the safe side. In this case, it should be insisted that the declaration is accepted by the customs officials in order to avoid any problems when leaving the country.

Exchange: US $ bills (in small denominations) should be in mint condition (without creases and not worn), otherwise problems may arise when exchanging them. It should only be exchanged for local currency gradually. Euros can be exchanged without any problems, British pounds only if they are banknotes from the Bank of England. Scottish banknotes were in some cases not accepted for exchange. In principle, only official exchange offices should be used.

Existing import and export restrictions

Entry and exit
You can obtain customs information from the embassy of your destination country or from the Federal Foreign Office!

Recommendation / Notes

Mastercard® / Visa (credit cards):
Yes - only accepted by larger hotels (clarify when booking) and shops in tourist areas. When using credit cards for payment purposes, the credit card should not be disregarded in order to avoid making prints. The card should only be used with trustworthy recipients.

Sparkassen-Card (debit card):
In particular in non-European countries, there may be restrictions on cash withdrawals. The general recommendation is therefore: For your own safety, take a credit card with you abroad in addition to your Sparkasse card (debit card).

Yes - money can be withdrawn at ATMs with credit cards and with the Sparkassen-Card (debit card) with a PIN. A maximum of 4000 UAH can be withdrawn per day.

Attention: In general, attention should be paid to any traces of manipulation on the machine and the card used should be blocked immediately if it should be withdrawn from the machine. Occasionally fraudsters try to intercept the account information by mounting an attachment on the card slot or the keyboard.

Detailed information about the locations of the ATMs:
Travelers Checks:
The importance of travelers checks is decreasing, so the possibility of redeeming them is no longer guaranteed. We recommend switching to other means of payment.

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