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Dual Citizenship - Australia

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Anyone who has managed to get a permanent residency while emigrating to Australia will sooner or later ask themselves whether a dual citizenship is the worthwhile final step. Emigration Australia and dual citizenship is an important issue for many German and Austrian citizens.


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We explain how it all works and how you can concretely tackle the issue of dual citizenship Australia as a family business:

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What we can do for you

We offer our customers comprehensive services in the following areas in particular:

  • Dual citizenship for German citizens.
  • Dual citizenship for Austrian citizens.
  • Re-naturalization of former Germans or Austrians who want to take back their former citizenship in addition to their existing Australian or New Zealand citizenship.
  • Representation and account clarification procedure with the German Pension Insurance.

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Australia retention permit

Dual citizenship


Dual citizenship Australia

If you are considering long-term or even permanent emigration to Australia, we recommend that you consider the advantages of dual citizenship.

With this step you would automatically acquire the following rights:

  • The unlimited right to live and work in Australia.
  • The unlimited right to travel to Australia.
  • The right to an Australian passport.
  • The right to diplomatic representation outside Australia.
  • Full rights within the Australian social security system
  • The right to vote and the right to be elected.

We support you in the respective area in clarifying the legal requirements and carry out detailed research.

As an Australian citizen, you are entitled to an Australian passport. We apply for your auStralian passport:


Dual Citizenship - Worldwide

Anyone who already lives permanently abroad can in principle acquire local citizenship there (e.g. Australian citizenship) while retaining German or Austrian citizenship. It is essential that a comprehensive and plausible application is submitted to the competent authority in Germany or Austria before applying for local citizenship.


Requirements for Australian citizenship

Australian citizenship is the strongest bond a person can have with Australia. If you are considering becoming an Australian, keep in mind that there are a number of conditions you must meet and pass the citizenship knowledge test. We offer you an individual service that guides you through the entire process in Germany or Austria and Australia.

Permanent visa holders can currently apply for Australian citizenship transfer four years after taking up residence and for at least one year after being granted a permanent visa. In general, you need to have a basic knowledge of English, have a good character and pass the citizenship knowledge test. Each applicant must answer 20 multiple-choice questions (out of 200 possible questions). Three of these questions are mandatory and must be answered correctly. Overall, the applicant must answer 60% (i.e. at least 12) of the questions correctly in order to pass the test.

After the application has been approved, there is usually a solemn ceremony celebrating the new Australian's acceptance into the Australian community. Citizenship is thereby transferred.


Dual citizenship and re-naturalization

The German Citizenship Act offers the possibility of regaining citizenship in Germany. In the real sense, in most cases it is a matter of discretionary naturalization. General, economic and cultural issues can be taken into account.


Other citizenships - worldwide

The word is getting around more and more - it is possible to buy citizenships and thus passports for numerous countries around the world. This process is also known as citizenship-by-investment.

Acquiring another citizenship is a legal and state-recognized method for acquiring additional citizenships. For example, the following countries offer another passport as part of a Citizenship-by-Investment: Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis and Commonwealth of Dominica

Depending on your circumstances, additional citizenship can be obtained through citizenship-by-investment in a number of ways.

Migration International Group and its subsidiaries are authorized agents in certain of the aforementioned countries to provide civic services. We have provided detailed information here: