What do you think about age differences

Age difference! Advantages, disadvantages, what is allowed and what is forbidden!

Regardless of whether they are straight, gay or lesbian: When it comes to the permitted age difference between couples, the same rules apply to everyone!


Why is there often an age difference?

Everyone has their own tempowhen it comes to the inner and externaldevelopment goes. And often they are girl the Boys in your development about a year or a little more ahead. But sometimes they are too Boys more mature than that girl.
And so find each other Couples together that unusualAge differences have or at least age-related are further apart. A very big one age difference however, it can also be inappropriate, even if both Feelings have for each other. Because there is statutoryRequirementsthat everyone has to adhere to. Especially when it comes to sexual acts go!

Detailed information on when you can have sex with whom and what is prohibited by law can be found here!


Age difference: why girls are often interested in older boys!

The development in the puberty runs at Boys and girl something differently. So it often happens that girlinside and externally a little earlier ripe be than peers Boys. Stupid for them guyswho would then themselves like to be further, so that the peers or oldergirl be interested in them too. But that can't be changed. But it explains why girl often for something older boys interested. They are in hers development further and therefore suit them better.


Age difference: when the girl is older!

Is in a Love relationship the girl older than that Boy, both of them sometimes have to listen to stupid sayings from others. But there everyone human is different, so can such Couples Super matchin which the Boy something younger is. Who such a relationship should therefore not be persuaded that something is wrong with him or her.


Age difference: advantages!

  • The Age is not so important to you and you have paid particular attention to how you from Essence fits together? That’s the best Base for a good relationship.
  • You can go with Peers not start much? Then it is the logical consequence, according to Elders or Younger ones to search.
  • The Older ones of you has in Love things maybe a little Experience. It's good for you if it makes him / her a little more relaxed at first Events in the relationship going with you. Which gives security.
  • He / she is older? Often it calms them down parentswhen the friend or the girlfriend of your own Child a something older companion when you go out in the evening or do something together. Maybe he / she already has a car and that way you can get home safely after your meetings.
  • Above all, it is important that you see the many things that are about you perfect couple do. What others think does not matter as long as it is from law here is also allowed.

Disadvantages of age differences!

  • Possibly yours circle of friends very different and not that open to anyone much older or younger. This can result in your To meet rather in pairs and less with yours Cliques occur. In the long run burdened the some Couples. But it doesn't have to be like that.
  • Party after 10 p.m. or midnight? If any of you still have to young it is, it is said, either that you undertake something else, one of them forego the late celebrations or goes there alone. There can be parties that nobody wants to do without. But that can possibly frustrating be.
  • It may be that the Older ones from you already others Expectations to a relationship has as the Younger ones. For example, someone is more likely to see being together relaxed, the other very much binding. Or for one person plays sex already an important role for which others do not yet. Talk about how you are and what yours are Wishes for the relationship are. So you prevent Disappointments because of misconceptions.
  • There are Age differencesthat purely from law here one Forbid relationship. Especially when it comes to sexual acts goes. Under 14 years is sexforbidden and Older ones can be displayed if they still have a relationship With boysAdolescents enter.
  • A mucholderpartner maybe has Motifs for his Relationship desire to you who for Teenagers are not good. For example, some use olderMen the InfatuationyoungerAdolescent out to them physically to be able to get closer. So be mindfulwhen a much older person denies Contact to you deepen want!