What is physical geology

in the Geology studies do you deal with the structure and the Structure of the earth's surface. You will learn everything about rocks and soils around the world. After your studies you can analyze how they are composed and are an expert on past and future changes in our living space. In contrast to geography, research in geology does not focus on people, but on the natural structure of the earth. If you choose the Base of our planet are interested, you are exactly right in studying geology.

What content can I expect?

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Which conditions do I have to fullfill?

Geology courses are mainly offered by universities. To study at a university, you need this High School. Many universities also have some places available for those with professional qualifications. If you Practical experience can prove through a master craftsman or several years of professional activity, you have a chance of a place at university even without a high school diploma.

If you apply to a university with your Abitur, some universities require a minimum average (NC) for your final grade. This is currently mostly between 2.0 and 3.4.

Is this degree right for me?

In principle, it is important for all geosciences degree programs that you have a major Thirst for research and scientific interest you bring with you. Regardless of which specialization you choose: The focus is always on the scientific analysis of natural materials and processes. You often carry out this analysis directly in your research field, i.e. outside. That's why you should like yourself in the nature stop and have no problem getting dirty.

If you also have basic mathematical understanding for the statistics in your future research work, you will feel at home in the geology degree.

Interesting facts about studying geology

Within the geosciences there are many intersections between geology, geography and meteorology. It is therefore worthwhile for you to compare the curricula of the various universities with each other before starting your studies.

A big plus point for many students in geosciences is the Excursions. Field research in the vicinity of your university is part of everyday study life for a geoscientist. Most degree programs have at least one or two large excursions in the program. These research trips last about two weeks and sometimes have exotic and distant landscapes as their destination. It can happen that you spend two weeks in the jungle of Myanmar examining soil samples to prepare for the exam in paleontology.

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