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The rental properties of the civil domain administration include important old town houses. The civic community attaches particular importance to the preservation of old buildings in the old town of Bern, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An example of this: The Felsenburg, the important architectural monument at Klösterlistutz, was acquired by the civic community of Bern and professionally restored with great skill and care. In addition, there are multi-family houses in the suburbs of Bern and in agglomeration communities in the domain management's rental properties.

"Half the town belongs to the burgers." Really?

As is often said, the civic community of Bern does not own half of the city. It owns around 32 percent of the land in the municipality of Bern, of which around 26 percent is forest. Another 2 percent is used for agriculture. Only 4 percent are built on, on which there are around 70 properties with around 630 apartments.

Long term land policy

The extensive leasehold properties (industrial, commercial and residential buildings) are mainly located in the areas of Kleefeld, Schwabgut and Wankdorf. The agricultural goods are leased properties. Some of these are in the urban area, but the majority are in the suburbs of Bern.

The civic community also owns several contiguous, non-built-up areas of land on city soil and in neighboring communities, which can be built on over the long term depending on the needs of the public sector. In this way, the civic community takes into account the needs of the community and the state with its land policy.

It should also be noted that many sports facilities in the city are based on the civic community. The Wankdorf and Neufeld stadiums should be mentioned here, among others.

Income serves the commitment to the common good

The income from the domain administration is used to finance the diverse social, scientific, cultural and ecological activities of the civic community for the general public.

The domain administrator

Ueli Grindat

"The domain administration manages the farms, properties and building rights for the benefit of the civic community and the public."

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