What is the best review platform

For online shops and service providers: The most important review portals 2020

Online rating portals are still one of the most important social proof measures. Representative studies only showed last year that two out of three consumers (66 percent) consider product reviews to be important to very important. However, some review portals are repeatedly criticized by consumer advocates because the business with fake reviews is booming. It has therefore become all the more important for online shops and service providers to develop a sustainable strategy for review portals and to avoid counterfeiting as much as possible. This is the only way to guarantee customer confidence.

When review portals are important

Review portals will also offer a good opportunity in 2020 to convince new customers of your own product or the service offered. Seals of quality that can be integrated directly on your own website also increase trust. This is especially important for new shops and service providers. In addition, reviews given on large review portals such as Trusted Shops can also be integrated into the company entry on Google. An important point when most of the traffic comes from Google. Finally, an entry in a larger review portal can also have a beneficial effect on the ranking if it appears in the Google SERPs and has a better ranking than your own.

Find the right review portal

There is now a large selection of corresponding rating portals depending on the industry. But not every page fits your own company or your own industry. In addition, such entries also require a certain amount of maintenance. Customer reviews should be commented on as soon as possible. When choosing a suitable review portal, there are several criteria that can be taken into account:

  • Would you like an industry-specific or a general rating portal?
  • What time is available for maintaining the entry?
  • Where is the main activity of customers?
  • Is it possible to include a quality seal on the website?
  • Is the link to the company entry on Google relevant?

The most important review portals 2020

Comparison portals such as Check24

The portal is one of the largest in Germany and offers cross-sector reviews and comparisons of numerous products and services


The service acts on an international level and is therefore particularly relevant for multilingual online shops. Thanks to a free basic package, companies can first test the service and then decide whether it is worth investing more budget and time for customer reviews. A big advantage: The review community must first register before the first review can be written. That should at least reduce the risk of abuse somewhat.


Perhaps still known to one or the other as Qype, Yelp will also develop into an important review portal in 2020. Companies or service providers can easily create a business entry here and obtain initial assessments. However, Yelp does not provide for product reviews from online shops.


The free business entry at Golocal is interesting for service providers who present their services in a local context and where the target group is also looking for the corresponding service locally. In this case, Golocal provides a really comprehensive list.

Proven expert

This evaluation portal also offers a free package to get to know and is also suitable for service providers. The big advantage here is, of course, that reviews from other portals can also be bundled.


For online shops there is actually no way around the rating portal TrustedShops in 2020, because thanks to its extensive functions it is still one of the most popular portals. On the customer side, TrustedShops is given a high priority thanks to the 30-day buyer protection. On the corporate side, TrustedShops can particularly shine through several points. Reviews from customers first go through several control bodies such as the order number in order to make misuse more difficult. There are also seals of approval that can be integrated into your own website.

Also interesting: reviews on social media

For both online shops and service providers, Facebook will again offer a good opportunity in 2020 to receive reviews or recommendations from customers. It is not a classic review portal. The advantages are clear, however: Entries can be easily maintained using the Facebook Business Manager, even using the associated app. It is also convenient for customers to leave reviews. In addition, of course, there are the high number of users that Facebook has to show. The business platform LinkedIn is not to be despised for sole proprietorships. Classical evaluations cannot be given here. But customers can confirm their own knowledge and skills. For new interested parties who want to find out more about the service offered, this is a value that creates trust.