Are German pretzels vegan

Are pretzels actually vegan?

Pretzels: Often vegan, but unfortunately not always. Image:

Pretzels are particularly popular in southern Germany and Austria. The looped pretzel pastry, through which the sun shines three times, comes in many regional variants that differ in shape, color and even the size of the salt grains. The Swabian pretzel and Bavarian pretzels are particularly well-known nationwide.

But are pretzels actually vegan?
In this article we address this question and include other pretzels at the same time.

Lye pretzels are prepared according to different recipes in many regions. The good news first: There are vegan pretzels that are made without animal products. Many a bakery has now changed the recipe for pretzel biscuits. However, as a nutrition-conscious consumer, you should keep your eyes open.

Pork fat in pretzels?

On the one hand there are pretzels that are baked entirely without animal products, on the other hand there are also pretzels that even contain animal slaughter fat. Yes, no joke: some manufacturers use lard in pretzels. This also applies to certain frozen pretzels. Therefore, vegetarians (and all animal lovers) should also ask carefully about pretzels (or pay attention to the list of ingredients).

Vegan pretzels can now be found at many bakeries that have recognized the trend of the time. As you can see in the overview (below!), A lot of bakeries offer vegan pretzels.

By the way: When shopping in a bakery branch, customers have the right to view a list of allergens. However, lard is not declared there. Every good bakery will also provide a list of ingredients that customers can find out about in detail.

Pretzels are becoming sustainable: Vegan recipes are becoming more common. Image:

Packaged goods - i.e. pre-packaged pretzels in the supermarket - must be provided with a list of ingredients. However, a full declaration is not required for conventional foods. For example, certain baking additives do not have to be specified.

The trend is towards vegan pretzels.

The shortening used is usually not declared. In the past, slaughter fat was also used here. Such pastries are not even vegetarian. Incidentally, even organic baked goods are not necessarily vegetarian or vegan. Here, too, we have already stumbled upon pastries that were baked with slaughtered fat.

It is therefore better to consciously pay attention to the "vegan" declaration when shopping. Many large bakery chains are exemplary here and also provide an overview of vegan products on the Internet. We did some research for you for vegan pretzels and vegan pretzels:

The following bakeries have vegan pretzels in their range:

The largest German bakery chain K&U prepares its pretzels, pretzel rolls and pretzel sticks vegan [1]. The same applies to the Kamps chain, where the pretzel confectionery and pretzel rings are also vegan [2]. At the Steinecke bakery chain, pretzel sticks, pretzel rings and pretzel maxi are vegan according to the website [3].

At BackWerk, the pretzels, pretzel confectionery, pretzel stick XXL and pretzel loaf are declared vegan [4]. At Bachmeier you can also find vegan pretzels, pretzel sticks and pretzel rolls [5]. The Bavarian bakery declares vegan: Breze GQ and spelled pretzel sticks. The deep-freeze specialist Ditsch also offers a wide range of pretzels, pretzels, pretzel rolls, pretzel sticks and many more. Only a few lye products are not vegan - so please note the overview [6].

All this information is as of June 14, 2019.

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Author: Kilian Thirty