Why do people want tinted windows

What to watch out for with privacy glazing

Green-tinted glass is built into almost all cars ex works. This ensures better heat protection compared to clear glass.

Green-tinted glass only lets "about 70 percent of the heat into the vehicle interior", as Volkmar Offermann from the automotive glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain Sekurit explains. Darker privacy glazing is even more effective: "This allows values ​​of 30 to 40 percent to be achieved."

However, privacy glass is "only permitted for glazing from the B-pillar", as Manfred Schwab from the Dekra Technology Center in Klettwitz explains. Neither the two front side windows nor the windshield may be additionally tinted, because here the light transmission must always be at least 70 percent.

If you want to retrofit your vehicle with privacy glass, you can have the windows in the car glass replaced or you can cover them with foil. Painting the windows or tinting them in a dipping process is not allowed, explains Thomas Klein from the Federal Association of Auto Glasses. He also warns against using unapproved cheap films. "It is crucial that the film has a general type approval", explains Dekra employee Schwab, then it will also be accepted during the general inspection.

Both variants have their price: foils for the rear side windows and the rear window including assembly cost 450 euros or more. The car glazier charges around 800 euros for replacing the entire panes.

Those who place less value on the privacy screen and primarily want to protect the interior from heat and UV rays can also provide the side windows with heat protection glazing. Because, in contrast to the front window, the side windows and rear window almost always consist of single glazing. "Above all, this is a question of weight and also of cost," says Autoglaser Klein. As a consequence, however, around 30 percent of the dangerous UVA rays from the side windows still penetrate the vehicle interior unhindered.

If the customer has the choice when buying a new car, he can choose a higher-quality glass equipment right from the factory. In addition to a more pleasant indoor climate, this also saves fuel because the air conditioning system does not have to be used as often. Laminated glass in the doors is already part of the standard equipment of many luxury vehicles.

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