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Talk show guests 2020: These politicians and virologists top the ranking

The year 2020 was marked by the Corona crisis. Of course, this also had an impact on the guests in the political talks on ARD and ZDF. Two politicians are right at the top of the ranking. Some virologists can also be found in the front seats.

It's an impressive number: 66 out of a total of 106 of the political programs evaluated dealt with the Corona issue in 2020. Never before has a single topic been featured so frequently in the political programs "Anne Will", "Hart aber fair" (both ARD) and "Maybrit illner" (ZDF). But that is not the only result that this year's analysis of "Meedia" from the ARD and ZDF political broadcasts comes to. All findings were published last Wednesday on the website of the industry service "Meedia".

With a total of just eight programs, the US election and its aftermath landed in second place of the most talked about topics. This is followed by climate protection and change (four programs), the Thuringia election, the Navalny incident, migration policy and Iran with three programs each and finally the CDU with at least two. The ARD format "maischberger. Die woche" was not taken into account in this topic evaluation, since the program has been running a multi-thematic concept since 2019. But here too, according to "Meedia", the Corona issue had the upper hand.

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So it's no wonder that the list of invited people has shrunk significantly compared to the previous year. Conversely, the individual guests also get more appearances in the programs. Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) and SPD politician Karl Lauterbach came in first among all guests who were guests in a political talk show in 2020, each with 14 appearances. In third place with eleven appearances follow Vice Chancellor and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) and the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU). Only behind, in fifth place, is the Greens chairwoman Annalena Baerbock (ten appearances), who in 2019 was still at the top of the guest list with ten appearances. This year virologists Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit (nine appearances), Melanie Brinkmann (eight appearances) and Hendrik Streeck (seven appearances) as well as the physician Alexander Kekulé (also seven) were added to the guest list. The virologist Christian Drosten only lands in 33rd place with four appearances.

Who was a guest on which program?

It is no secret that the individual programs each have their own favorite guests: Karl Lauterbach, for example, was seen most frequently in both "Hart aber fair" and "maischberger. Die woche" (five appearances each). In "Anne Will", however, Olaf Scholz appeared most frequently (six times). Maybrit Illner, on the other hand, relied more on science, which is why Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit tops the list with seven appearances.

When asked which journalists were most frequently seen in TV talks, a clear tendency emerged: Both Christina Berndt from the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" and Ranga Yogeshwar deal primarily with the field of science journalism and are now involved Seven appearances each in first and second place of the most frequently invited journalists. Only behind this is Nikolaus Blome (five appearances) a non-science journalist.

Finally, "Meedia" examined the party affiliation of the guests. Mainly the governing parties CDU / CSU (94 appearances) and SPD (83 appearances) were represented. The latter in particular has increased significantly compared to the previous year (65 appearances). The opposition, on the other hand, was invited far less often.

"Markus Lanz" is a special case

The ZDF talk show "Markus Lanz", which takes place three times a week, was not included in the overall analysis, as the increased broadcast frequency would have falsified the result. Nevertheless, this format was also analyzed for its guest list. Apart from the ZDF journalist Elmar Theveßen, who reported a total of 26 times this year on the context of the US election, the topic of Corona also dominated here: With his 17 appearances, the runner-up Karl Lauterbach tops the list by some distance. Behind it are the "Welt" journalist Robin Alexander and the virologist Hendrik Streeck, each with nine appearances, as well as the reporter and author Olaf Sundermeyer and the virologist Melanie Brinkmann, each with eight appearances.

Source: teleschau - der mediendienst GmbH