How do online gambling sites make money

Is this really possible? earn money on the Internet

Of course, it has become much more difficult in recent years. There are many ways in which you can build up a little pillow on the Internet. There are many different variants, some of which we would like to introduce to you today. Online gambling is not one of them because here only the provider wins; when you play online slot machines, it is rarely you and the computer. Usually the side wins here, which is why we have selected serious and reproducible methods for you with which you can earn a little:

Collect free Bitcoin

As a Bitcoin miner, you could still make a lot of money privately a few years ago. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that cannot be controlled and / or regulated by anyone. As an encrypted cryptocurrency, Bitcoin can only exist digitally, but can also be printed out using key codes and thus stored securely. There are organizations that mine Bitcoin. That means these organizations provide computing power to encrypt, decrypt and process Bitcoin transactions.

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They use it to generate Bitcoin, which is created virtually. As a private person, this is almost impossible because both hardware and electricity costs would be far too high in this country.

However, these providers usually provide pages that allow customers to access small amounts of Bitcoin for free.

The goal is of course to get you to gamble away this Bitcoin or invest more. The whole thing pays off very well for companies in terms of taxation. However, if you have a bit of self-control and don't gamble away Bitcoin, you can, for example, dust off free Bitcoin every hour from this provider.

You don't get rich with it, but interest is paid from the payout limit.

Social sharing

Social media is a topic that is interesting for everyone. Advertising agencies and large companies in particular know about the value of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co. Hardly anyone has more influence on their readers than so-called social influencers such as Daggi Bee, PewDiePie, Gronkh or other big social media names.

Social media is a topic that is interesting for everyone. "

Of course, these sizes get real money for a product placement, but as a small and normal Facebook, Google+ or Twitter user you can also get paid to share content. Of course, as a “normal user” you only get around 40-50 cents per shared content, but money is money, isn't it? With providers like this one, for example, you can register for free and get paid for sharing. You won't get rich here either, but you can get a nice little Christmas bonus if you are there all year round. 80-100 euros are not unrealistic and that you share something useful instead of the hundredth cat video or recipe.

Write opinions

You can earn a small fee by writing opinions, for example. Product test communities like this one, for example, offer the chance to express your own opinion and thus earn at least a small amount. With this provider you can only earn cents at the beginning. However, if you write good opinions and are read a lot, you can not only have a good conversation with the community but will certainly also be taken into account in the monthly bonus. Here it is quite possible to make several hundred euros a month, but this requires a lot of work and a lot of time, because you have to keep up with the community and should be very sociable. You could also open your own YouTube channel right away.

So there are actually interesting options that really work. We have only listed 3 of them at this point, but presented working and reproducible results. If you stick to these pages, you will see that it is quite possible to earn a little something on the Internet, sometimes with little to no effort, but if you don't want to start your own business, then the big money is already path. Maybe you can still sell one or the other bargain from the hardware store liquidation at E-Bay, that works too.