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Sol Gabetta

A great, beautiful tone, passion, discipline and accuracy of playing - we have not experienced so much feminine cello bliss since the days of the great Jacqueline du Pré. Barely 28 years old, Sol Gabetta was born in Argentina, grew up in Spain and Switzerland, and today her center of life is in and around Basel. After the Baroque and Romantic periods, she is now conquering the world of Viennese classical music with the Basel Chamber Orchestra. In the RONDO questionnaire, the techno opponent dreams of classical music that should finally belong to everyone again.

RONDO: What do you like best about your job?

Sol Gabetta: The honest freedom of expressiveness and sensitivity!

RONDO: What do you dislike most about your job?

Gabetta: Not always having your home with you!

RONDO: Who influenced you the most in musical matters?

Gabetta: My teachers Ivan Monighetti and David Geringas, but also many inspired conductors and chamber music partners.

RONDO: Which composers do you think are overrated and which are undervalued?

Gabetta: For no one overrated ... In the end, everyone gets what they deserve - no less and no more. Every composer moves something with his music, sometimes human souls ... sometimes just glass windows! Many composers, especially from the Baroque era, are undervalued in the field of cello literature alone. So many fantastic compositions are no longer played at all today! I am thinking, for example, of Anton Kraft, Leopold Hofmann, Leonardo Leo ...

RONDO: What music do you dislike at all?

Gabetta: Techno.

RONDO: your favorite composer of the 20th / 21st centuries Century?

Gabetta: Dmitri Shostakovich.

RONDO: What was the last record you bought out of private interest?

Gabetta: Schubert songs with Matthias Goerne and Dvořák's cello concerto with Emanuel Feuermann.

RONDO: Which book are you reading right now?

Gabetta: A Schubert biography.

RONDO: your favorite writer?

Gabetta: Stefan Zweig, Agatha Christie.

RONDO: If you hadn't become a musician, what profession would you have liked to have chosen?

Gabetta: archaeologist or biologist.

RONDO: What do you think is most lacking in classical music of our time?

Gabetta: The ability to be "folk music", as was the case in the 16th, 17th, 18th centuries! Music for moments of joy, music of sensitivity, music that makes a development, a development together with people! This music was composed for ALL of us, it belongs to all of us! Today, however, many people only associate classical music with "classical people", that is, people who do not belong to EVERYTHING.


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Sol Gabetta, Basel Chamber Orchestra, Sergio Ciomei

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