What are the ecommerce content marketing tactics

E-Commerce Marketing - Tips for Your Online Shop

The right thing Ecommerce marketing decides whether your online shop is successful or not. Find out which strategies, tips and marketing hacks you can use to improve your e-commerce performance here.

Acquisition of new customers in the online shop

Anything is possible in the digital age. It has never been easier to buy or sell products than on the Internet. Any Internet user can become a buyer within seconds. Even users who browse the web with no intention of buying can be encouraged to buy at the right time on the right channel through the right advertising. Internet trading, or e-commerce in modern German, seems harder to be easier than this.

But you know for yourself that nothing is as simple as it looks. In order for an Internet user to become a buyer, well-thought-out e-commerce marketing is required. This includes various strategies, measures and tactics that aim to boost trade in the online shop. E-commerce marketing therefore includes everything that helps you to attract new visitors to your online shop, increase conversion rates or reactivate inactive old customers.

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With the right strategy, all of the cogs in e-commerce marketing interlock

Ecommerce Marketing Basics

In order to understand how e-commerce measures can be optimized, the most elementary “wisdom” of e-commerce must first be internalized: E-commerce is a direct extension of your company. You should not view an online shop or a company website differently than branches, which you also operate in the analog, physical world. And what applies to your shop, your branches and your company must also apply online in the digital world.

Flagship online shop

The way in which you present your business on the Internet is probably one of the biggest influences on whether or not visitors to your website or online shop buy from you. The best ecommerce strategy and the most sophisticated ecommerce marketing promotions won't pay for you if your online store or website doesn't look appealing. Find out here how you can use the mds. develop a successful e-commerce strategy.

The online shopping experience should be just as pleasant as real shopping

The Visual appearance, With which you present yourself online, is the first impression your site visitors get. If your shop looks unprofessional, untidy or amateurish, visitors jump off and buy the product from another provider whose store appearance appears more modern and trustworthy. We are happy to help you on the way to an innovative store appearance.

In addition to a modern design, a professional appearance also includes aspects of applicability and user-friendliness. If the check-out process from shopping cart to payment at the checkout is too long or too cumbersome, it is likely that users who are actually willing to pay will leave the shop with the money in hand and go to buy from the competition.

Design, functionality and user-friendliness are decisive factors for success or failure of your ecommerce efforts. Make the shopping experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible for visitors.

Personalized customer approach

The great advantage of trading on the Internet is that all options for customer-specific customization are open to you online. Because Personalization is the be-all and end-all for e-commerce marketing. You have the opportunity online to address customers directly, to greet them by name, to show them pre-selected products or to offer them items from long-forgotten wishlists at promotional prices. With filter options you can allow your shop visitors to search for exactly the products that interest them.

You can address your customers in a targeted manner online

Data analysis

But in order to personalize and optimize, you first have to analyze. Improving your ecommerce marketing is only possible if you have a solid data base to have. On this basis, you can draw specific conclusions about your visitors and customers. "Data is the new oil", data is worth gold - if you know this you will also understand why regular data collection and analysis is one of the most important aspects of your e-commerce optimization. Find out more about the services of the mds here. in e-commerce optimization.

Draw the right conclusions from the evaluation

With Google Ads, Google Analytics, Searchmetrics and other software, you can reconstruct almost unlimited movements, trends and user actions on your website and in your online shop. However, the whole mass of data is of little use to you if you don't ask the right questions during the evaluation. Only then can you react effectively and adapt and optimize your online marketing measures accordingly.

Why is it taking so long to graduate?

Do you have items in your online range that are only selling very slowly and you find that it is usually five days to purchase before customers buy the item after viewing it in your shop for the first time? Then you now know that you should do targeted retargeting and remarketing for this article in order to reach interested customers with your advertising for this product on other websites as well.

What is missing to buy?

Even if the data tells you that customers visit your shop regularly and look at products without buying them, you are still holding hard cash e-commerce gold in your hand: Contact customers with additional information, discount information, direct mailings and newsletters. These visitors only need to be nudged gently to become buyers. Targeted e-commerce marketing gives you access here.

Which channel makes sense?

Another area of ​​analysis for e-commerce optimization is channel analysis. Which channels are relevant and interesting for your business and your products? As a manufacturer of machine components, do you have to advertise on Pinterest? Probably not. If you're in fashion retailing, this wouldn't be a bad idea.

You don't have to be represented on all channels with your message

The extent and form of your product advertising on social media is also critical to the success of your e-commerce business. Professional marketing strategists like the experts at mds.lead will help you to determine whether you should rather place Facebook carousels or skyscraper ads in the online portal of a daily newspaper.


In addition to the optimization options only briefly presented here, there are many other improvement options for your e-commerce marketing available. What you need to know: Requesting professional support from e-commerce professionals like mds is not an admission of your own technical incomprehension, but a wise business decision. Just doing what the competition is doing isn't going to help your ecommerce business. Let us give you expert advice and help you develop a strategy tailored to your business and your e-commerce needs. Together with you, we can guarantee to uncover marketing potential that will raise your online trade to unimagined heights.

How to turn your Facebook fans into customers

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