Who is responsible for Iron Maiden's Eddie

Bruce Dickinson, the singer of Iron Maiden, has now beaten his tongue cancer. His explanation of how the disease came about comes as a surprise, however.

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During a radio interview with Eddie Trunk from Sirius XM broadcaster, Dickinson said that some time ago he discovered two tumors and had them examined immediately. The doctor then diagnosed HPV viruses, which are transmitted through sex, as the cause of the cancer.

The singer is sure that these viruses could be responsible for tumors in many people - if they are not smoking or drinking.

Risks of cunnilingus

In the case of a sexually transmitted virus that causes cancer in the mouth, the Iron Maiden singer can of course only assume that he must have been infected during oral sex. And so he explains: “The risk of developing this disease is 500 percent higher in men over 40 years of age… That's huge. By the way, it's the same viruses that cause cervical cancer. The diagnosis is the same. "

But Dickinson worries about his fans and at the same time protects actor Michael Douglas, who had the same explanation ready for his cancer: "Everyone's joking about Michael Douglas ... The fact is, we shouldn't do that because it's really serious ... Go to the doctor and get a check-up. It is important."

Listen to the radio interview with Eddie Trunk here: