Where do hot dogs come from

Where does the hot dog come from? - Interesting facts about the snack

The hot dog is a popular and delicious fast food dish. If you've ever read that the snack got its name because it was made from dog meat back then, you're wrong. This was never used for the hot dog. You can read where the name really comes from in this guide.

What you need:

  • bun
  • Boiled sausage
  • remoulade
  • Ketchup

In fact, the hot dog really has something to do with a dog. But read for yourself how and where it originated.

Where the name hot dog comes from

  • The dish was sold long before it got its name. Because as early as 1871 on Coney Island, a roll with an elongated sausage inside was being sold as a quick snack. The hot dog wasn't called that yet.
  • Because many years later, a quick meal was needed to cater to the visitors of a New York stadium. At that time, German sausages, especially boiled sausages, were very popular.
  • So that these sausages, more precisely Frankfurt sausages, could be better offered and served to visitors, they were simply placed between a sliced ​​elongated bread roll.
  • Then it wasn't long before the dish got its name. Because not only the sausage comes from Germany, but also the dachshund, which has a similar long shape, comes from Germany. The result was a cartoon that showed a dachshund between two halves of a bun, and the hot dog got its name.

This is how the hot dog is prepared

  • Surely you've eaten a hot dog before. But did you also know that almost every country has its own variant of this snack? The additions are very different from country to country. The only thing that almost all hot dogs have in common is a long bun and the scalded sausage.
  • In Denmark, for example, the hot dog is offered with either a fried or a scalded sausage. There are also roasted onions, cucumber slices and tartar sauce. While the very first hot dog was served with sauerkraut, in Sweden you get a hot dog with red cabbage.
  • There are now many different variants and even the vegetarian hot dog is available. Often, not elongated, but round rolls are used, the middle of which is hollowed out and then filled with sauce. It is also not always clear where the sausage used comes from, because in Austria, for example, you can also order your hot dog with a cheese sausage.

This is how you can make hot dogs yourself

  • If you want to know exactly where the ingredients for a delicious hot dog come from, then you can simply prepare different variations of it yourself.
  • It is best to use long or large round wheat rolls that you cut in half. Hollow out the rolls a bit and then put some ketchup or tartar sauce on one half of the roll first.
  • Then heat up a scalded sausage and place it between the halves of the bun. Now you can refine the dish individually. Use onion rings, coleslaw or tomatoes and cucumber slices as toppings. Variants with cheese or bacon are also very easy to prepare.

The next time you are out with friends or acquaintances and are hungry for a hot dog, just show off your knowledge a little and tell them where the hot dog came from and how the name came about.

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