What training must be compulsory in the school?

Corona and training: the consequences for schoolchildren, trainees and companies

Corona has completely turned our lives upside down. Schools and training companies are gradually returning to a new “normal”, but there are still a lot of questions: How do I find an apprenticeship position during these difficult times? How do I best apply? How does the training work in times of Corona? Questions upon questions: Bildung.de provides you with the answers! We all have important information collected for you and you useful tips put together: So you know exactly what is going on and what is going on well equipped for your apprenticeship in Corona times. (As of April 2021)

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What are the consequences of Corona for me as a student?

Can I apply for an apprenticeship despite Corona?

Of course, you can also apply for an apprenticeship during the corona crisis. And you should definitely do that too! Classic job interviews are still difficult, but in times of online applications and video interviews this is not a problem.

In our detailed application guide you will find valuable information on the topic and get helpful tips on CV, cover letter and more.

How do I find an apprenticeship position in times of Corona?

Even in times of Corona, training companies are looking for new trainees. On Bildung.de you will find over 5,000 companies and more than 50,000 training positions - there is sure to be something for you too. Take a look at our page with current apprenticeship positions.

When looking for your dream apprenticeship position, you basically have two search options:

  • What ?: Here you can either search for your dream job or your dream company.

  • Where ?: This gives you the opportunity to search for apprenticeships in a specific city.

Vacant apprenticeships

Find your dream education now

Plus there are still plenty Filter options. For example, you can use the Search radius set or a specific date for the Start of training establish. Make sure you use the filters, because with them you get results that are perfectly tailored to you.

Do you already know our Corona badge? In this way, we give companies the opportunity to make it clear again that they are also looking for trainees during the corona crisis. Of course, that doesn't mean that companies without a badge aren't looking.

If you are still unsure which training suits you, we recommend ours Professional check. You only have to 12 quick questions answer and we will tell you which training suits you.

Last-minute training 2021 - this is how you can find a short-term training for 2021

In our YouTube video, we explain how you can get hold of an apprenticeship position for 2021 at very short notice.

Here again the most important things in a nutshell:

  • Search in the right industry
  • Find out about similar professions
  • You can also apply to "smaller" companies

In which areas are trainees wanted during Corona times?

Although trainees are being sought in all areas, there are some industries and professions in which trainees are particularly urgently sought. For example, many trainees are being sought for nursing training. But companies are also still looking for trainees in other sectors. Experience has shown that the chances of a last-minute apprenticeship are good, especially in the catering, trade and retail sectors.

What does Corona mean for the application process?

Corona has digitized the application process at many companies. Most companies now offer telephone or video interviews. Sometimes even video applications are possible.

Take the first step - and give us a call!

Many job advertisements have not yet been adapted to the current situation: But even if the company does not offer video applications or online interviews, you can do it yourself. Call the company of your choice and inquire about the possibilities. Be brave!

By the way: There is a lot of interesting information for you in our detailed application guide. If you take note of our tips on cover letters, résumés, etc., your application will certainly be a success even in times of Corona.

Attention: Every federal state has its own corona regulations!

Compulsory tests, school openings, exam dates - all these are topics that affect students and trainees all over Germany. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find information here that applies to everyone. This is due to the state sovereignty: Each federal state can decide for itself how it deals with Corona and schools. It is best to check the website of the school or education ministry in your state to be on the safe side. However, a new one came into effect on April 24th German Infection Protection Act. The new law now sees one nationwide emergency brake before when certain incidence values ​​are exceeded.

Compulsory test: is there a test requirement in schools?

With the new Infection Protection Act there is one nationwide compulsory testing in schools. This means that each federal state is no longer allowed to decide whether or not to test compulsory, but that the federal government has made it mandatory for all students.

It is therefore mandatory in all federal states to test twice a week to leave - if there are face-to-face lessons, i.e. if you learn directly in school. Warning: If you don't want to be tested, then unfortunately you can do not attend class and there is usually no alternative distance teaching.

There are two options for the tests:

  • Test on site at the school
  • Test at home before school starts

Mask requirement: do I have to wear a mask at school?

Depending on the incidence value, schools in Germany teach in different models: in Face-to-face, alternating or distance lessons.

If lessons take place on site, then only with compliance strict hygiene rules.

In most federal states, it is mandatory to wear a mask during lessons. In some federal states there are exceptions. The mask requirement here depends on age or grade.

Important: So-called everyday masks are often no longer sufficient. Although they are still allowed in some federal states, an OP or FFP2 mask is now usually required. Sometimes it is the case that everyday masks are still allowed in primary schools, but from the age of 14 it must be an OP or FFP2 mask.

Corona and training: where can I get help?

Do you have any further questions about Corona and its effects on training and schools? Then just write us a message on Instagram! We are happy to help you!

What are the consequences of the coronavirus on training?

The corona crisis hit the training market hard. Some training companies had to send their trainees on short-time, other companies went completely bankrupt. Unfortunately, this caused some trainees to lose their apprenticeship positions. Although that is only a small part, it is of course a bad situation for the trainees concerned. But no fear: You're not alone! We have a lot of information and tips on the current situation for trainees.

Many apprentices and training companies are overwhelmed by the corona crisis. There are often a lot of question marks, especially when it comes to legal questions. That is why we have summarized for you in a nutshell what you need to know as a trainee.

Do I have to wear a mask in the training company?

As for all companies, this also applies to training companies strict hygiene rules. In any case, your company must ensure that the necessary distance is maintained. Some companies solve this by leaving desks free or by installing Plexiglas panes as spit protection. If that is not possible, there is usually a mask requirement. The Corona occupational health and safety rules apply until June 2021.

How the hygiene rules in your company have to look exactly depends on various things. For example, on the type and size of the business. In any case, your employer is obliged to inform you in detail about the protective measures. So it's best to just ask directly at your training company.

Is there a test requirement for companies?

There is no compulsory test for employees. As a trainee, you are therefore not obliged to have yourself regularly tested at work. But your boss has a duty to provide you and your colleagues with regular corona tests. In mid-April, the federal cabinet decided that employers would not allow their employees once a week Have to offer self or rapid tests. However, this only applies to employees who do not work exclusively in the home office.

If you work in an area where you have frequent customer contact or provide body-hugging services, your employer has to tell you twice a week Provide free tests. The situation is different if, for example, you are training in nursing or a similar area. Then it can also be that you are obliged to get tested.

Do I have to be tested at the vocational school?

With the new Infection Protection Act there is one Compulsory test at all schools in Germany - also at vocational schools and vocational colleges. This is relevant, for example, for trainees who are in their final year and therefore have face-to-face lessons. They have to be tested twice a week or have a negative test.

Is there a test requirement for taking exams?

There is currently no compulsory test to take part in exams. However, it can happen that the legislature will prescribe this in the future. The IHK, for example, already recommends one negative corona test to bring to the exam, the not older than 48 hours may be. To be on the safe side and to ensure that the exam runs smoothly, you should bring a negative test for all exams. In the worst case, you may not take the exam without the test and have to wait for the next exam date.

But be careful: As a rule, a negative self-test is not enough, i.e. a test that you can do yourself at home. You need one Rapid PCR or antigen testwhich is carried out by trained personnel. You can do this, for example, in pharmacies or at the doctor's.

To do's at a glance:

  • Make the test appointment early
  • Test must not be older than 48 hours
  • Rapid antigen test (e.g. in the pharmacy), no self-test
  • Arrive early for the exam (at least 1 hour in advance)

When does the vocational school start again?

When the vocational schools open their doors again depends on the state. Apprentices who are about to take their final exams have priority. Some of them have been able to attend vocational school again since February. In some federal states, if the number of infections allows, classes should be held again with face-to-face parts (alternating model) from April 19.

The best thing to do is to find out what your current situation is on the website of your vocational school.

Which professional groups can be vaccinated?

People who have a lot of contact with people in their jobs can get vaccinated. Apprentices are also vaccinated. The professional groups entitled to vaccinate include all those who work in daycare centers, schools, care facilities, in the public service (for example in the police) or in the medical field. The professional groups are very broad. The staff who regularly work in inpatient facilities therefore also include the hairdresser, masseur or pastor who regularly come by and take care of the patients.

Important: Each federal state regulates individually which professional groups are prioritized. So find out whether you belong to a professional group entitled to vaccinate on the homepage of the federal state in which you live.

What do I do if I have Corona for the final exam?

If you have Corona for the upcoming final exam, you are not allowed to take the final exam. A Illness as well as quarantine put a good reason because you cannot take the final exam. It is important that in this case you have everyone involved inform early. Send a copy of your certificate or the certificate from the health department to the IHK responsible for you, your vocational school and to your employer.
But it's best to ask your trainer again or ask around at the vocational school. He will surely help you with this and knows exactly what to do. You will then take your exam as soon as possible.

Short-time work for apprentices: Can apprentices be sent on short-time work?

As a rule, apprentices may not be sent on short-time work. The training company must continue to enable the training and change the training plan or place the trainee in a different department.

Short-time work in training is the last resort and is only allowed if all possibilities have been exhausted to maintain the training!

The coronavirus is an exceptional situation. Many companies are fighting for their livelihood and often have little other option than to prescribe short-time work for the trainee. In the case of the Corona crisis, short-time work is an option for trainees after all.

As a trainee on short-time work, will I still receive a salary?

If you are prescribed short-time work as a trainee, you will receive the full training allowance for at least six weeks. Depending on the type of contract, the period can be longer. After the six weeks, trainees are entitled to short-time work benefits. This is then regulated by the responsible employment agency.

Do I continue to receive my salary if I am in quarantine or if my training company is temporarily closed?

Yes, you will continue to receive your salary because you are still employed.

Do I have to be in quarantine if someone in the training company has Corona?

There is no single answer here. The Quarantine regulations are in the companies and depending on the spatial situation different. The answer to the question depends, among other things, on how intense the Contact with the infected person was. There are different classifications of the contact persons based on the risk of infection. So you don't make the decision yourself, but that responsible health department. Your employer can't just quarantine you. Of course, he may take precautionary measures and temporarily send you to the home office.

My training company is threatened with bankruptcy - do I have to worry?

No, an impending bankruptcy has no direct impact on your apprenticeship contract. Problems can only arise if your training company remains completely closed for a long period of time. After a certain period of time, the company loses its qualification for training - without this qualification, the company is no longer permitted to train.

Insolvency of the training company

No panic: Your training company is obliged to arrange an apprenticeship position at another company for you in good time with the responsible employment agency. So after the insolvency of your training company, you won't just sit on the street.

Can I be terminated if I have Corona?

Do not worry! If you have contracted Corona or have to be quarantined, you must not be terminated.

Can I just stay at home if I'm afraid of Corona?

In principle, as a trainee, you must not refuse to work because the risk of infection could be increased at work or on the way there. With the coronavirus, things have changed: there is one concrete risk, the employer must pursue his duty of care and can, for example, make sure that you can work from home. Talk to your trainer directly and ask what measures are being taken.

Do I have to do minus hours as an apprentice?

No, as an apprentice you don't have to do any minus hours! Since you are employed in the company to learn a trade, you cannot just be sent home like that. This is even stated in the BBiG, the Vocational Training Act. If your company sends you home anyway, for example because there is nothing to do at the moment, this counts as paid leave.

Can trainees be sent on compulsory leave?

The training company may not send the trainee on vacation against their will. So-called compulsory leave is not allowed during the Corona period.

Is it possible to complete an apprenticeship in the home office?

Many companies rely on home office during the crisis. So far, however, there is no training in Germany that you can complete entirely in the home office.

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Student study 2020 - Corona special

The corona crisis has turned the training market upside down. Interviews cannot take place and companies have to cut apprenticeships. The search for an apprenticeship is going very differently this year than usual. It goes without saying that there is great uncertainty among the students.

That's why we wanted to know from you to what extent you are affected by the Corona crisis and how you are dealing with it. As part of our Student survey have got over 2400 students and trainees asked our questions about Corona and training - maybe you participated too. The results are now in our Student studythat you download it for free can.

What does Corona mean for training companies?

Will the start of training be postponed in 2021?

No! As a rule, Corona has no effect on the start of training in 2021.

Can a trainee stay away from work because he is afraid of infection?

In principle, a trainee may not refuse to work because the risk of infection could be increased at work or on the way there. In individual cases, however, if there is a specific risk, the employer may be obliged to release the trainee from work or to allow work in the home office if this is possible.

What happens if trainees are not allowed to work because of the coronavirus?

If a pandemic breaks out, the competent authority can take measures in accordance with the Infection Protection Act (IFSG) and, for example, impose a quarantine. A work ban can be issued for trainees and other employees. For the resulting loss of earnings, trainees and other employees can claim compensation. This compensation is paid by the employer for up to six weeks, who in turn has a right to reimbursement from the competent authority. The Infection Protection Act stipulates that the responsible public health department takes over these payments. However, this only applies if the trainee or employee is not entitled to payment for other reasons.

What can I do if I think that a trainee at my company could have the coronavirus?

Suspected cases are currently patients who have symptoms of a corona disease and who have stayed in a risk area up to 14 days before the onset of the disease or who have had contact with a sick person. If there is any suspicion, the occupational health service or the relevant family doctor should first be informed. Suspected cases are then reported by the respective doctor to the responsible health department. The health department then takes care of a test for the corona virus. People who have no typical signs of illness, but are still concerned because they may have been infected, can obtain information from the Robert Koch Institute or the Federal Center for Health Education.

Can trainees do short-time work?

As a rule, trainees are not allowed to work short-time. The training company must continue to guarantee the training. Your specific options: Change of the training plan, change to another department or special training events. If there are no more options, short-time work may be an option. In the event of the order, the trainee is entitled to at least six weeks full training remuneration (Section 19 (1) No. 2 BBiG). Longer deadlines can also be stipulated in training / collective bargaining agreements.

Do absenteeism in the company have an impact on the final examination?

For admission to the final examination, the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce assesses whether the absence exceeds a value of 10 percent of the contractual training time. If this is the case, the absence can still be classified as minor. The prerequisite for this is that the trainee, despite the absence, has the required level of performance to achieve the training goal. In general, the circumstances of the individual case must always be considered when assessing. There is no distinction between whether vocational school or training time in the company is canceled.

The company is threatened with bankruptcy. Does that have an impact on our trainees?

According to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, impending bankruptcy or the opening of insolvency proceedings have no direct impact on the training contract. The rights and obligations resulting from the apprenticeship remain in place, but are transferred to the insolvency administrator after the opening of insolvency proceedings. All claims arising from the training contract must then be addressed to him. If the company is completely transferred to another person in the course of insolvency proceedings, for example through purchase, this person enters into the rights and obligations arising from the vocational training relationship.

Do you have further questions or insights on the topic? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

What does Corona mean for our application process?

Ideally, you can continue your application process. Here it is important to use digital options such as online assessment centers or video calls. Our cooperation partners at Jobufo show how it is done: thanks to video applications, applicants can introduce themselves quickly and easily.

Are you already a partner at Jobufo? Then the button for the video application can be integrated quickly and easily into your positions.

Are you generally interested in video applications? Then get in touch with your contact person. Here, too, we will find an uncomplicated and prompt solution for you.

What can I do to ensure that students apply to us despite the Corona crisis?

The situation is also associated with a lot of uncertainty for students who want to start an apprenticeship. Students wonder how an application process should take place and whether it makes any sense to apply now.

You should therefore make your potential applicants aware that an application is expressly desired. For example, adapt the job advertisements. You should also inform exactly how the application process will work. Do job interviews take place or are they replaced by phone calls or video interviews? Are deadlines and dates shifting? The more questions you answer your applicants, the more likely they will apply to you despite uncertainties.

Trade fairs and information events are canceled. How can I still reach applicants?

Provide information via your career portal or offer information events via webinar. There are now also digital training fairs. Try to draw attention to your information offer via social media in order to reach potential applicants. Smaller companies can also add an information area to their homepage or use platforms such asbildung.de to communicate with their potential applicants. We will be happy to help you with any questions.

What can I do for the trainees who are starting their training with us this year?

In the current situation, it is not surprising that trainees who are starting with you this year are unsettled. You can counteract this with pre-boarding measures. Measures that you should implement are:

  • Regular information letters on the current situation
  • Mention of a mentor or permanent contact person for questions
  • Information on training (vocational school; departments that are passed through; workbooks, etc.)
  • Overview of dates for the start of training
  • Welcomebox for early binding

Would you like to find out more about recruiting in times of corona? We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities of digital recruiting.