What do you think of Donald Trump

Video by Jimmy Kimmel - That's what kids say about Donald Trump

For a few days now, many parents have been asking themselves: How do I explain to my children that someone else can be elected President of the USA - even though the other person insults and incites people from other countries? But what do the children actually think and say about Donald Trump?

The TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know and sent an employee out onto the street for his late night show. He asked girls and boys what they think of Trump and how they feel about him being the next president. The creators of the show published the result on YouTube.

This is what children say about Donald Trump (selection)

  • Journalist's question: What do you think of Donald Trump? Answer: "He's really rude."
  • Question: How are you doing after Donald Trump is elected? Answer: "I don't feel good about it, but life goes on."
  • Question: When he was elected - what face did you make? Answer: “An angry face.” The boy shows us how.
  • Question: What do you think about Donald Trump being elected? Answer: "I don't care, I'm Canadian - but I don't like him."
  • Question: Say something positive about Donald Trump. Answer: "Oh ... He's not the ugliest person in the world."
  • Question: Would you like to have Donald Trump as your father? Answer: “Of course not! He would kill my mother. "
  • There was also a girl who Donald Trump thinks is good. "He's a good guy," she said - but she wouldn't want him as a babysitter either, she said when asked.

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