What is a cashback on returns

In these cases, no cashback will be paid

Even if shopping through Shoop is simple and straightforward, there are still times when cashback is declined. There can be various reasons for this - we have put together the most frequently asked questions for you here.

Can I use vouchers in the ordering process?

Yes, but only if the voucher is listed on the shop's Shoop partner page. If you use other vouchers, no cashback will be paid.

Can I pay with vouchers or credit and still get cashback?

Orders that are partially paid for with goods or vouchers are treated differently by the partners. We cannot make a general promise as to whether the partner will allow the combination of voucher and cashback. If the cashback is rejected due to the use of the voucher, no subsequent booking request is possible. If we have clear statements about the combinability or non-combinability, we note this in the conditions on the respective partner page. Coupons for partners that you receive in the payout area can usually be combined with the cashback. In general: Cashback is only available on the net value of the remaining amount when using goods / value vouchers. If this falls to € 0, no cashback will be paid.

Do I get cashback when I buy vouchers?

No, no cashback is paid on the purchase of goods or vouchers. Exceptions are the shops that focus on the sale of vouchers, such as Groupon or Zeek.

Can I use other bonus systems such as Payback in addition to Cashback?

No, the use of other bonus or discount systems cannot usually be combined with the cashback. If you already collect Payback points or use other discount and bonus systems, then unfortunately there is no cashback either. You have to choose a bonus. This also applies to refer-a-friend programs and similar promotions in a partner shop. These programs cannot be combined with cashback. Exceptions confirm the rule - if the combination with another bonus system is possible, we will point this out on the Shoop partner page.

Do I get the cashback for my order even for returns?

It depends. Cashback is paid on the net value of the goods kept and only on valid orders. If there is a full return or if you cancel your order, there is of course no cashback. If you only return part of the order, the partner shop will correct the original order value as part of the checking process and also adjust the cashback amount accordingly. If there is a minimum purchase value and if it falls below this with the return, no cashback will be paid.

I placed or changed my order over the phone, will I still get cashback?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. In order to receive cashback, an order must be placed completely online and via the Shoop partner link. If you change something to your order afterwards, this usually leads to a cancellation and a new creation of the order at the partner shop. However, this also means that the order is no longer deemed to have been placed via Shoop. If this is the case, we will not receive any commission for your order and therefore unfortunately cannot pay out any cashback. Tip: If something changes in your order, cancel it, delete your cookies and use Shoop again to place the new order.

What happens if I provide incorrect information?

It is obvious that no cashback will be paid if you order with incorrect or invalid data. If the terms and conditions are violated, we reserve the right to block your shoop account and take further steps if necessary.

Can I place multiple individual orders to get more cashback?

No, the so-called splitting of orders is not permitted. If you split the booking into individual booking processes for travel, hotel, flight bookings or other offers that have a fixed cashback rate, just to receive more cashback, this does not comply with the rules. The partner shop will or reject the cashback of all bookings, and we also reserve the right to take further steps in the event of a breach of the conditions.

Do I get cashback on books?

No, unfortunately not. In Germany, fixed book prices apply; discounts on books or other price-controlled articles are not permitted. You can find information on products or product categories that are not eligible for cashback on the respective Shoop partner page. By the way: used books, such as those you can find at reBuy or medimops, are not subject to fixed book prices, so the purchase of books from reBuy, medimops and Co. is remunerated.

Do I have to pay attention to the technical requirements?

Yes, there are some technical requirements. You can find more information about this HERE

Your cashback can be rejected by a retailer if the cookies from another website operator prevail. This happens, for example, if you were looking for bargains on a deal portal or coupons on a coupon page before ordering. Both the deal portal and the coupon page set cookies. Using the cookie, the partner can later identify the website through which an order was placed. So it is clear: in order to receive cashback, your browser must allow cookies. Old cookies must be deleted before ordering. If you don't do this, the order can be assigned to another page - and the commission for the order goes to this page. Shoop then no longer receives any commission and can therefore not pay out any cashback. In order to avoid this unintentional allocation and the loss of cashback: delete old cookies before ordering via Shoop and do not go to other websites or other tabs during the ordering process. Tip: Use a separate browser for Shoop. This way you have fewer problems with the cookies.

Can I get cashback for commercial purchases?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Shoop is a service for private users, not for commercial users or resellers. Cashback is only available for orders that correspond to private use in terms of type and scope.

What if I am not sure whether an order is eligible for cashback?

If you have further questions and are not sure whether a product is eligible for cashback or whether your planned purchase fulfills the conditions, please contact our support with your question before ordering.