Women like thick or thin tails

This is what women really think about large penises

Eggplant or would you prefer gherkins? No, we're not talking about the next planned lunch, but about the man's best piece. I wanted to know whether the old discussion about 'Does size matter?' Is still so explosive - or whether we are all further now.
In the porn industry, a man has star potential when his thing clearly exceeds the average length of 14.8 centimeters. But is that really necessary to be satisfied? According to my research, apparently yes!
Diana (30), for example, thinks big “cocks” are great, as she happily tells me: “I was just 19 and single, I didn't know what to expect. I was also totally inexperienced, so at first I was a bit shocked about the size and I was also a bit afraid. I didn't think it would fit! But once it started, it wasn't that bad, even if it hurt a bit at the beginning. I noticed how it all stretched out, but then I found that it was just wonderful to be filled out like that. It definitely gave me a taste for it. Anyone who says size doesn't matter are crazy and men who say that have small tails in my opinion. I've seen that too. However, I would also give 'normal' cocks a chance. For example, my current boyfriend has a nice normal one and I'm completely happy with that. But men with small penises don't get to bed with me anymore. I just couldn't live with that. Whereby it is really important that it is not only big but also fat. ”Interesting!
Don't you have to be afraid of an XL penis? A friend (27) of mine had to get over an eggplant the first time. To emphasize again: the very first time! I don't exactly imagine it to be funny. "I didn't know anything else, so that was 'normal' for me," she explains. “Only later did I find out: No, other penises are not small, his was just huge! Long and twice as thick that your mouth was full if you just put the glans in your mouth. Almost nothing worked, except for the missionary position. Everything else hurt a lot. I always felt a little stitch in my lower abdomen. But I wasn't afraid. He didn't warn me back then either, but I was also his first. The separation occurred because of someone else. But it was funny that he howled at me afterwards because she had a problem with his huge penis! He then even considered having it downsized. "
Did she spoil that in terms of size just like Jessica did? “After that, everything was mini for me. At some point, however, I realized: Okay, put up with it, that's normal! ”Your current boyfriend has an average penis. I want to know whether she secretly thinks he's too small. “No, we have more fun together because more is simply possible. But I have to admit that after my boyfriend with the giant penis, I thought 'Yikes! However, it is filled in differently. There's still something going on! "When I got together with my current boyfriend, I was almost 'socialized'", she grins. His luck! They have been happy for 12 years now.
It seems as if XL penises are popular - which I cannot understand subjectively. Because the fact is that the way from the vagina entrance to the uterus is just eight to ten centimeters long. So how should a penis of 15 or 20 centimeters fit in there ?! If a man unwrapped something like that in front of me, I would probably run out screaming. Or try it daringly, only to end it with the first push. So I definitely belong to the group that says, “The average big is enough - the main thing is not thin”.
In my research, however, I easily get the feeling that there are more giant penises than anything else. Because another friend (29) also told me that her boyfriend has a "big one". “There are only certain positions: from behind, missionary, spoon and, depending on how excited I am, I also ride. It happens again and again that it hurts a lot. As if the penis were meeting resistance. That bothers me. If I could choose, I would like my boyfriend's penis to be slightly shorter and slightly thicker. I already had a mini tail in bed. It felt like a little wind. You can feel something, but you are not sure. Still, I don't think size matters. You have to know what the woman likes and how to implement it, ”she explains openly. And that's how I see it - size has nothing to do with performance.
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