Why is everything boring 1

"Anything but boring!"

The Vorwerker Diakonie has produced a film service. "Sounds boring, doesn't it?" Asks Johanne Hannemann, pastor and managing director of the Vorwerker Diakonie. "But believe me: the result is anything but boring!" Because Hannemann and the Vorwerker Diakonie didn't just want to film a church service - with a pastor in a gown in front of the altar. They wanted to do something completely different. "We were looking for a new form of expression and the film is the result," explains Hannemann. In doing so, she and the other makers of the film also accepted the break with liturgical traditions. "In the end, one can ask: Is it a church service or a filmed Christian meditation? "

The film focuses on a spiritual theme: the resurrection. The implementation then took place with strong texts, cinematic images and different musical styles. Actress Rachel Behringer, a member of the L├╝beck Theater ensemble, speaks the lyrics. The music comes from soprano Lisa Ziehm and Buddy Buxbaum, co-founders of the hip-hop and electropunk formation Deichkind. The video for Buxbaum's song "Balast", in the lead role with ex-trio drummer Peter Behrens, has even become part of the film. "Of course, the experiences of the pandemic also play a role," said Hannemann, who wrote the lyrics with Karsten Wittfoht , Pastor in the Vorwerker Diakonie, and wrote with Michael Schmerschneider.

Schmerschneider is head of the cultural academy of the Vorwerker Diakonie (KAVD). He and his team took over the production of the film. "Presenting Christian messages in a timely manner", he calls the original task, rhetorically unusual the resulting texts. Now he is excited about the response Directed by. "Others may miss the liturgy, that is, the usual course of the divine service, and meet us with criticism."

Of course, the film cannot replace the live experience of a church service - Hannemann is certain. He shouldn't do that either. "But I believe that the film is a successful invitation to deal spiritually with a topic," says the pastor. "Our promise to all those interested is above all: You will have a good time while watching!"

The film is under the title Sela immediately available at https://www.kavd.info/mediathek-2.