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“Your child can no longer come to our school.” // Autism and school - your experiences

Autism and school - a long runner

The subject of “autism and school” is a long-running issue in families because it often doesn't go well.
Many schools want to get it right, but fail because of factors that are not always in their own hands. There are individual educators and employees who are committed and make a difference. But there are also those who unfortunately fight against windmills (rw).
Unfortunately, others have fundamental doubts that autistic students need adapted framework conditions and thus prevent equal opportunities and the possibility that autistic people can call up their respective potential at all.

There are several reasons for this, such as:

  • non-adapted framework conditions
  • questioning diagnoses
  • the refusal to compensate for disadvantages
  • the assignment of blame for faults in upbringing
  • lack of communication
  • insufficient education
  • one-sided perspectives on the subject of autism
  • excluding individual areas of life
  • the overlook of compensation payments
  • lack of resources (space, personnel, time)

in the Autism & School online course is detailed about the Autism spectrum enlightened, Challenges for autistic students are derived directly from the diagnostic criteria and Possible solutions shown. HERE there is detailed information.

"Your child can no longer come to our school."

Unsuitable framework conditions, a lack of education and a lack of resources mean that some autistic children and adolescents are no longer allowed to go to school.
The experiences that are brought to me bear witness to the fact that some pupils are refused regular school attendance for days, weeks, months and sometimes even years or are made impossible and unreasonable. For example, some students are not allowed to come to school if their school companion is ill.
The children and adolescents can then not exercise their right to education, the parents stay at home and often have to quit their jobs in order to be able to take over the supervision of their so-called non-schoolable children.

Your experiences

I would like to collect your experiences on this topic here, because statistical surveys do not seem to exist.
If you like, feel free to comment if your child has already been banned from school - for hours, days, weeks or months.

It would be interesting to know

  • what type of school your child was attending when they were excluded
  • how old it was
  • how long it was locked out
  • why it was excluded
  • whether there was a good solution after all

Please make sure not to give your name or the name of your child and not to give any other information that would suggest you.
As always, only I can see the email address you give when commenting, no one else. It will not be passed on to anyone.

Of course, this collection of experiences is not representative and does not make any scientific claims. However, it is important to me to show how current and acute and explosive the topic is in families with autistic children.
The problem has to be recognized and seen in order for something to happen.

A "side effect" is that families no longer feel so alone with this topic when they read that others feel the same way. Because although these problems are not uncommon, most of the time every single family feels isolated and helpless with this challenge.

I thank you in advance. And please comment here directly on the blog and not on Facebook or on social media. There, the post with your comments will quickly be forgotten and there I cannot guarantee your data security.
I will try to ensure that, with the reach of Ella's blog, relevant agencies and decision-makers can read the collected comments, share your experiences and, if necessary, change their view of the problem.

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