Artificial Christmas trees are new

Never needles: artificial Christmas tree

Very, very close to the original!

You need very good eyesight to distinguish the deceptively real-looking artificial Christmas tree with its filigree needles and twigs from the original. Today, the evergreen Christmas trees convince with a variety of natural details: multi-level green tones, slightly irregularly occupied branches, individual "coniferous growth" ... The Christmas tree does not look artificial at all, but as if it had been cut straight from the forest!

There are many optical advantages of an artificial tree. But just imagine: never again having to do the time-consuming and often overpriced shopping for a Christmas tree in the run-up to Christmas. No more having to think about the annoying watering of the tree every day. No more regular “needle care” including removal with a vacuum cleaner. Never again to complain about the dismantling of the Christmas tree because it can be done in no time with an artificial Christmas tree. It is simply folded up to save space and then patiently waits for its use in the next year. How relaxing it all sounds, doesn't it !?

Oh, Christmas tree: You green and green and green ...

An artificial Christmas tree shortens and sweetens the many preparations just before Christmas Eve. In addition, artificial Christmas trees are absolute featherweights compared to the real ones. They are all flame retardant, so you don't have to fear a horror scenario of a burning Christmas tree. And that regardless of whether you prefer candles or the fairy lights.

Discover the variety of artificial Christmas trees in the Dehner shop - from small to large, from fir to spruce, from narrow to wide. Here you will find your loyal Christmas companion who looks fresh every year and doesn't need a pinch.

Then relax a little further. We would be happy to take care of your Christmas tree!