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Review and share your exam results

Microsoft Forms offers a comprehensive assessment workflow that enables you, the author, to assign points per question to pupils or students and to provide feedback in a diverse and efficient manner. You can export exam results to Microsoft Excel for more detailed analysis and charting, delete the results, or print a summary of all responses.

View answer summary information for your quiz

In Microsoft Forms, open the quiz that you want to review the results for, and then select the Answers tab.

At the top, you can see real-time summary information about your quiz, such as: B. the number of answers and the average rating. Next to each question you can see the number of answers and a chart showing the distribution of the answers across all possible answers.

You can do more Select options, to clear all responses, print a summary, or get a summary link to share with others.

Review the answers for each question

Choose You review answers to give points and feedback.

On the tab people individual details are displayed for each student, e.g. B. The time it took to complete the exam form, the number of points obtained, and the options selected by the student.

In this view you can grade all questions for one student and then proceed in the same way for subsequent students. Select the arrow next to a student's name to jump to another student's results. You can also select the left and right arrows to cycle through the other students' results details.

To provide general feedback for a student, select the feedback icon and enter in the text box.

To provide feedback on a specific question, select the feedback icon to the right of points, and then type in the text box.

You can also have more options For Select and choose whether to answer Clear,Want to print a response or post reviews for a specific person.

Note: Deleting an answer cannot be undone.

On the Tab Questions allows you to view each question and the number of answers for each answer.

This view allows you to grade a question for all students by assigning points per answer. On the link for responses, select each answer to get a snapshot of which students selected that particular answer. Choose the feedback icon to the right of the dots of each answer to give mass feedback to all students who selected that answer.

Select the left and right arrows to cycle through the details of other questions.

Publish results

When you're ready to share your student feedback and scores, choose on on the Answers tab, select Results Post out.

For each student you can see the status of their quizzes and the number of points earned. If you want to publish the ratings of all students, select the check box to the left of Surname in the Name column. To post individual results, check the box to the left of each student's name.

Choose You post results out.

After you've posted the reviews, you can return to the exam to review the results and feedback. Students can view their ratings and feedback by opening the quiz.

Tip: When a student comes back to a quiz after submitting it, they can see their previous answers. If you want them to retest the quiz without seeing their answers, you can make a copy of the original quiz.

Analyze your exam results in Excel

You can easily view all of the answer data for your exam in Microsoft Excel. Choose In Excel on the In the Responses tab, select Open.

In your Excel, details of each question in your quiz are displayed in columns and each answer is displayed on one row. The first five columns show the Responder ID, start and finish times for each answer, and each student's name and email address. The following columns contain the total number of points, feedback, point in time when the point was published, exam questions, points for individual questions, and feedback for individual questions.


  • The response ID is exclusive to each student.

  • Any changes you make to the quiz data in Excel do not change the content of the quiz.

  • Names and email addresses won't appear if you allow your quiz to accept anonymous answers.

Share results with others

  1. Choose the Responses tab out.

  2. Choose See more options >Get summary link from.

  3. Choose Copy out.

If you include this link, anyone with the link will be able to view a summary of the answers for your quiz.


  • If you collaborate on a quiz with specific teachers in your school, only you, the quiz owner, can create a summary link for your quiz if a quiz doesn't already exist. Co-authors can still copy and share your summary link, but they cannot create one themselves. Co-authors can create new summary links in other collaboration modes that aren't set for specific people in your organization.

  • Also, be aware that if you share your quiz answers with everyone in your school and then choose to share only with specific people in your school, any pre-existing summary sharing link will be accessible by people inside or outside your school. You can delete an existing summary link to deactivate it. This will reduce access to the response data. To do this, go to the Responses tab> Further Options > link "Get summary"> Remove link (trash can icon). Optional: You can then create a new summary link if you want to share it with a new audience. However, this new summary link will still be available to anyone who receives it into the holding room.

Feedback Hub for Microsoft Forms

We'd love to hear from you! To send feedback through Microsoft Forms, select in the top right corner of your form Further form settings > Feedback out.

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