What do I not know about myself

46 surprising facts you didn't know about me

This, my website and my blog articles and podcasts have a function to support you in taking a step away from externally determined work (i.e. hamster wheel) and towards your calling and a lifestyle business as an online self-employed person. And that's why a lot on my website is about YOU and very little about me.

I am not writing here what I have done, what training I have completed, what jobs have done, I do not overwhelm you with countless praise for my work (called testimonials) or lists where I have already published or with whom I have worked. With my website you are the hero, everything for me revolves around taking you further.

Recently, however, there have been more and more emails who ask about my background, i.e. readers, listeners, who ask a little more about me want to experience. I am of course happy to comply with this request and use this blog article to introduce myself to you, dear reader, in my own way.

And not with boring data and facts about my jobs and projects, but more about what matters, more about the person and less about the blogger, online mentor, hamster wheel rebel or whatever I am for you.

I hope you and I will enjoy this article a little move closer together I already apologize for the many “I's” in this article. Next time, as usual, “Dus” and “Wirs” will be included more often.

But now to the 46 surprising factsthat you didn't know about me (and yes, I know it's a very long article, but it delivers a lot of new information. I promise)

1) I had a jaw and face operation in 2002 and looked very different before that.

Lower jaw backwards, split upper jaw and forward, the full program. Then a new passport photo was necessary and: Many people simply did not recognize me afterwards. (So ​​that there are no misunderstandings: The reason was not vanity. A pronounced jaw misalignment made this procedure medically necessary.)

2) I ran a punch stand in the 1990s.

In the middle of the ice rink of the Vienna Ice Skating Club. It was freezing cold, but I had a lot of fun and sold hectoliters of punch, mulled wine and icebreaker (for those who remember this questionable drink).

3) My late father gave me the best advice I have ever received.

"If you cannot change something on your own, then make up your mind: Love it or Leave it."

4) I'm 42, but my friends are from 20 to 60 years old.

I think age is overrated. So I like to surround myself with people to whom I can give something and from whom I also benefit. A 4-year-old can do this “job” just as well as an old man. (Note: the article is from 2016)

5) I'm a serial junkie.

Normal "television" annoys me (more on that in the next point), but series do it to me. I demonize Netflix for the fact that they already know me so well and that they keep sending me new suggestions. Here is a small portfolio that I like to see: Suits, Mad Men, White Collar, Entourage, Bloodline, Wayward Pines, Californication, Magic City, Elementary and, and, and.

6) I have been on a strict news and television diet for a number of years.

As already mentioned, I have not actually watched TV for a number of years. Because I think that Germany’s next top model, the jungle camp or farmer is looking for a woman simply didn’t deserve my precious time. In the course of this, I also deleted newspapers and the like, i.e. everything that was updated on a daily basis. I don't feel stupid or uninformed about it. I also get the important things that way. The rest can be stolen from me.

7) I was an opera critic and a DJ. Simultaneously.

Sometimes I would leave the Vienna State Opera, take off my jacket and tie, take my record case and go to the club. My DJ colleagues thought I was bothered. My journalist colleagues too.

8) I've had tinnitus for over 15 years.

Who doesn't know what that is: ringing in the ears. All day, so 24/7. Really messed me up for a while. Now I love him with all my heart. Why? Because he helped make me who I am today.

9) I love whiskey

Single malt, single grain, Irish, Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Canadian and whatever else there is. A drink with character. Each and every one a real individual, like all of us.

10) I have been on high school graduation trips 11 times.

No, I haven't repeated that often. I was a DJ (you know) and event marketer for a while. I just had to celebrate for years. A tough job, but someone had to do it.

11) I had a severe allergy to dogs and cats that was hypnotized away from me.

I suffered badly for years. Dogs and cats were a red rag. Then Richard Bandler (NLP inventor) took me aside during my trainer training in the USA and said: "Come with me ...". What can I say: gone!

12) I'm a James Bond freak.

Just ask me something about the films, novels, actors, songs & Co. I really know every shit.

13) I like audio books more than books.

I don't even want to explain that long. That's just how it is. If you haven't tried this yet: a really different experience! Preferably on Audible.

14) I was employed in industries such as journalism, marketing, advertising and the like for around 15 years.

O.k., but a little official: Studied communication science, political science, musicology (and don't use any of these in my current activities - a little hint that our past (education) does not have to be our future (passion)!).

Journalist training, product manager in the News publishing group (Austria's largest magazine publisher), critic for the Opernglas (largest German-language opera magazine), editor-in-chief at the Vienna Mozart Year 2006, project management, marketing & sales consultant at DocLX (Austria's largest youth event organizer), editor-in-chief and Marketing manager at the Haydn Year 2009, cultural marketing consultant for the Esterhazy private foundation. Then came independence: first as an NLP trainer, then as what I'm doing now, whatever that may be.

15) I'm a smartass.

I have an uncomfortable quality. I LITERALLY memorize what people say. This often leads to me using that knowledge in a shitty way. That doesn't always appeal.

16) I own over 50 white shirts.

The question that comes up next: yes, I iron it myself.

17) I've already driven a Formula 1 car myself.

As Product Manager at Autorevue, I was once allowed to drive a Porsche GT. And a Formula 3000 car. And then - the crowning glory - also in a Formula 1 racing car. Don't just ride in a two-seater. Drive yourself. Sensational ...

18) I love baroque operas.

I admit that I'm a real freak. And I don't ask my girlfriend, family or friends to share this enthusiasm. I like to be misunderstood: Viva Scarlatti, Handel, Fux, Bononcini, Telemann, Caldara, Vivaldi and Co.

19) Hardly anyone understands what I do and what I live on.

It's almost like the baroque operas. Every time I try to explain what my “job” is, it comes back: “Interesting, you can make a living from it?” In the meantime, this answer has become a real thigh throb for me.

20) I proposed marriage on a cruise ship in the Caribbean (between Aruba and Curacao) at midnight on New Year's Eve 2008/2009.

Was really cheesy. It even worked. But after a few months we revised it together. Considered today, a very good decision.

21) I've been to LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Miami, Key West, Orlando, New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, Charleston, and a hundred other cows in the United States.

I am a USA fan. The goal is to be able to sing along with Johnny Cash’s song “I’ve been everywhere” at some point.

22) I partied in a suite with Katy Perry and drank whiskey.

It was on one of those “Abitur trips”. Katy was booked as a live act and didn't want to go to sleep after the performance. So she just celebrated with us. And confirmed one thing: how important it is to stay on the ground.

23) I was afraid to speak in front of people, especially with a microphone.

For 15 years as a DJ I avoided picking up the microphone. Throughout the course of my studies, I managed not to have to give a presentation. Because I was just scared shit. Today I'm a speaker, doing podcasts and videos. It's unbelievable what goes on when you leave your comfort zone.

24) I collect cufflinks.

The current status is 82 pairs, especially those from the 70s that do it for me.

25) I never read a blog myself before starting my blog.

As a result, I didn't know the rules (if there are any). There is the nice quote: Everyone said it wouldn't work until someone came and didn't know.

26) I got on skis for the first time when I was 3 years old.

Namely on the Panhans meadow on Semmering (the local mountain of the Viennese), Marcel Hirscher wasn't one of me, but I'm quite good ...

27) I've been reading GQ month after month for 20 years.

Yes, even if it's superficial now, but I like the beautiful things in life. And yes, I think it's important that a man dresses well and also has a feeling for style & co.

28) I like omega watches.

The above point also results in the fact that I think: a wristwatch is the only piece of jewelry for a man. And the watch says a lot about the person who wears it.

29) I learned the piano, drums, accordion and recorder.

The first two are cool, the other two probably not. I'm playing the piano a little again after a 20 year hiatus.

30) For years I was completely dissatisfied with my social skills and my impact on people.

I am (I believe) a good example of the fact that you don't have to look for or find yourself. But can invent itself. Just like you, if you want to leave your hamster wheel to be successful with your passion.

31) When my friends and I are on the move, we are unbearable.

Thank you, Miguel, Reinhard, Holger, Thomas, Christian and Philipp that you are here. We always have a lot of fun.

32) I recognize almost every song from the 70s, 80s and 90s after a maximum of 5 seconds.

Being a DJ doesn’t leave you without a trace. There simply remains consequential damage 😉

33) I'm not a numbers person.

I can neither memorize numbers nor calculate well, nor do I even have my bookkeeping under control. Thank you to my tax advisor, who takes on this matter so perfectly.

34) I've seen a shark before.

No, not behind glass in Seaworld, but while snorkeling in Mauritius. It was scary, but really cool.

35) I'm very, very happy with what I'm doing.

I've done a lot of things in my life, but nothing has ever been as fulfilling for me as running this website and everything related to it.

36) I write incredibly sloppy.

I write quickly and then hardly read about it again. What's in my head needs to be captured quickly, otherwise it's gone. Without a lecturer, I would simply be lost. Thank you, Katrin, for doing this again and again.

37) I like to change my mind.

In my business in particular, I have noticed that nothing is set in stone. When I discover that I made a mistake or that there are simply better, faster, easier ways, then I just throw the current dogma overboard and do things differently. Soon to be seen live again on my podcast.

38) There is no point in a day without “listening to Dean Martin”.

He was just a cool sock. Unfortunately, this type of artist and entertainer has died out. By the way, if you like Rat-Pack-Musik & Co, an absolute must: The coolest web radio in the world - Martini in the Morning.

39) I can't lay-ben without my Ray-Ban.

We already had Omega watches. It is the same with Ray-Ban sunglasses. I plead guilty.

40) I go for a walk every day.

In the book “Kissing the Muses: The Daily Rituals of Famous Artists” * I noticed one thing. Almost all successful people walked a lot. Since I've been doing that, I've also known why.

41) I felt guilty about asking money for what I love to do.

It was a real change for me, for what I like to do (even if I wouldn't get anything for it), also to ask for the appropriate money in order to be able to live well off it. But one thing became clear to me: How should I explain to you how one lives from one's passion and calling if I don't? That solved this problem for me in no time.

42) I'm dying for gummy bears & Co.

Gold bears, cola bottles, laughing gums, etc. are simply my weaknesses. But I'm completely powerless when it comes to sports rubber (only available in Austria).

43) I'm a neat freak.

I used to get very annoyed with my father when he insisted that everything needs its place. I am the same today. And it makes me feel very connected to him. And yes, my friends know this love of order all too well ...

44) I take a nap every day.

Has been proven to prolong life.

45) I have a ritual every time I see the sea.

My favorite song is "Bridge over troubled water" by Simon & Garfunkel. This song reaches me - even though I have heard it thousands of times - again and again in my deepest innermost. When I'm at the sea, I immediately unpack my iPhone and hear this song. If that doesn't work, I'll sing it in my head. I can do it. I am glad that I function so audibly.

46) I want everyone to wake up in the morning and think: Great day, I can't wait to start “work”.

There is nothing more to say about this. That's what I do. This is what I am there for.