Which is the most translated religious text

Martin Luther's translation of the Bible

In 1863 the Eisenach Church Conference (an association of Protestant churches in Germany) decided to revise the Luther Bible. The main reason was the question of how far Luther's language still corresponds to the language of the people today.

Revision versions were presented in 1892 and 1912. But it was not until 1984 that the Federation of Protestant Churches in Germany passed a revised Luther Bible, which was accepted as a compromise between Luther's diction and an adaptation to current usage.

In 2010 the Evangelical Church in Germany commissioned a “review” of the text. 70 theologians should review the text according to the latest research. Since it was recognized during the work that the intended guidelines required major changes, the project was rededicated for a new "revision".

The “Luther Bible 2017” was published to mark the anniversary of the Reformation. In addition to corrections and replacements of ambiguous or incomprehensible terms, the commission had often reinstated the original Luther text, which had been changed in previous edits. According to the commission, the "power of speech" of the Luther Bible should be preserved.

As of 2017, this version is the recommended Bible text of the Evangelical Church in Germany. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony has also used the “Luther Bible 2017” for its services and events.