Why are most Indian women conservative

Women's rights in India : "The country is sitting on a powder keg"

Ms. Shree, the trial of the rapists of a student who died as a result of a brutal act of violence begins this week in New Delhi: she was thrown from the bus. How is it possible that women in India are repeatedly confronted with gang rape?

Rape and disrespect for women are not an Indian phenomenon. Unfortunately, anywhere in the world and through histories, the view of women has never been respectful or equitable. We want a society that perceives women as persons and does not hold them captive in their sexual function. That's why the feminist struggle is being fought universally, even in so-called advanced societies, isn't it?

You are now looking at violence against women very broadly.

I want to explain the tremendous injustice against women to myself. The violence is caused by the male libido. It is the dominance, revenge and punishment of one sex over the other, of course always linked to a certain personal situation. This behavior is particularly evident when countries or communities wage war, regardless of whether in ethnic, caste or class struggles. Even gestures that seem innocent at first, for example that a man is greeted first in public, or that the woman loses her name at the wedding, reflect prejudice and contempt. It is the same for all women around the globe, sometimes more shameless, sometimes more subtle.

What is special about the situation of Indian women?
Indian society is determined by patriarchal norms and at the same time is confronted with the rapid changes of a globalized world. I can only briefly outline the difficulties: The educational opportunities are unevenly distributed and only a few benefit from the economic development. The caste and gender differences are enormous, enormous crowds are moving into the cities and are left with their frustrated hopes.

But isn't it a big step from having-nothing to rapist?

Of course, rapists come from all walks of life. If they are privileged, their deeds usually remain undercover and they get away with impunity. But the events are in a larger context. Let's combine the old conservative male culture and its inequality with the modern ideas that are perceived as strange. The new social discrepancies and pronounced competitive thinking overwhelm people and lead to pent-up anger. We are sitting on a powder keg that explodes into all forms of violence in a completely unpredictable manner. A deadly combination of the worst of the old and the new is dehumanizing society. The government gets its power by bending or twisting. She wants an industrialized and nuclear country. Our government has turned its back on the basic needs of the population. The political class is arrogant, masculine and hungry for power.

But the population woke up after the shock. Demonstrations took place in Delhi for weeks. Did you take to the streets too?

No, but I still feel part of the movement. This is not a fight that has just started, we have been protesting and negotiating for a long time.

Why is New Delhi raped twice as high as in Mumbai? Can you explain that?

Mumbai developed a civil awareness early on and has always retained its pride as a metropolitan culture. Delhi, on the other hand, is more of a geographical-administrative area than a city. The capital region is a haven for criminals and a nightmare for anyone who wants to keep law and order.

Sections of the Indian public are now demanding the death penalty for the rapists. Is it a good tool to prevent rape?

No way. Rather, it is about the causes of criminal behavior. We need to reform patriarchal thought models and balance other inequalities. Drastic penalties will only appease our pain. Has the death penalty reduced crime in any society? No, because only the education can do that!

“Raising a girl is like watering a neighbor's garden,” says an Indian proverb. Is it a curse to be a woman in India?

India is not just a country of fetal killings and dowry payments. India is also made up of women like me who make no difference whether they are raising a girl or a boy. The dowry does not play a role in our lives. The protests after the nefarious crime are also a product of India. There were not only young men and women on the street, but also adults. These people sincerely believe in their demands.

What will they do?

For example, the recently installed Verma committee that is now dealing with the legal situation of rape. The Verma report is a sensitive articulation of what we need and we urge the indifferent government to implement it.

All over the Indian subcontinent, the female power is worshiped in temples. Men fall on their knees in front of the images of the goddess. Are these the same men who violate women's rights?

Above all else, human beings are contradicting itself. Yes, the feminine power is revered by many people in this country. There are ways of life in which women traditionally have a respected place. But if a traditional man is a goddess follower, that doesn't make him a liberal father.

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