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Windows Live Mail - Set up an email account for (POP3 / SMTP)

Step by step instructions for creating and setting up a POP3 e-mail account for under Windows Live Mail

First a little note:

The procedure described here was carried out by me under Windows Live Mail for, only the "Sanne Musterfrau" in the images does not really exist. If someone still has problems with successfully setting up their e-mail account, the causes can also lie outside of these instructions. In this case, I would ask you not to address this here in the tip section via "Write a comment", but to make a request in the "E-Mail / Outlook" forum with a precise description of the problem.

The statements I have made at this point in time may, after some time, prove to be no longer entirely accurate. In this case, I would ask you to send a short message by pager so that I can check it and correct it if necessary.

The description is given for adding an additional email account and thus differs somewhat from the setting up of the first email account when Windows Live Mail is started for the first time.

The prerequisite is that an e-mail account has been set up at beforehand. With a newly set up account, e.g., you should first convince yourself that the account has already been activated by logging in directly to the e-mail account and sending a test e-mail.

In addition, at, for receiving and sending e-mails from a mail client, the Unlock POP3 necessary. To do this, select in your e-mail account under Options the Further(n) Options then opens the menu POP + forward and activates the entry Allow Yahoo! Mail via POP. There is also the option of selecting different settings for handling spam mail.

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00 - Activate, POP3

Step 1:
Basically, Windows Live Mail is able to make the server settings for many email providers itself. However, this happens without further inquiry and does not always lead to the desired result. Instead of simply starting the wizard via "Add e-mail account", a slightly different procedure is therefore described here.

The menu bar is not displayed by default in Windows Live Mail, but Alt + M can be used to quickly display it.

To set up another e-mail account, go to the account management via Extras / Accounts ... call.

01 - Windows Live Mail, Extras / Accounts ...

Step 2:
To set up a new e-mail account is in the window Accounts on Add to click.

02 - Windows Live Mail Accounts, Add Account

Step 3:
The entry Email account activate and on Further click

03 - Windows Live Mail - add account, select account type

Step 4:
Entering the user data:
E-mail address - Enter the address of the previously created email account at
Password - Password of the account at
save Password - If deactivated, the password is always requested when sending / receiving
display name - Enter the name here that is to be displayed to the mail recipient as the sender

So as not to let Windows Live Mail set up the servers Manually configure server settings for the e-mail account activate and on Further click.

04 - Windows Live Mail - add email account, user data

Step 5:

Incoming mail server is a - Set POP3, if not preset
Incoming mail server -
If so desired, set the encryption of the incoming mail connection here.
This server requires a secure connection (SSL) - activate as port should then be automatic 995 are displayed
Registration with - Leave the default setting
Login ID - Username at (part of the mail address before the @)
Outgoing mail server -
Outgoing mail server - the port of 25 465 to change
If so desired, set the encryption of the outgoing mail connection here.
This server requires a secure connection (SSL) - activate
Outgoing mail server requires authentication - activate

On Further click

05 - Windows Live Mail - add email account, server settings

In the next window, Windows Live Mail just tells you that the required information has been entered. You can no longer scroll back at this point and all entries would be deleted by clicking on Cancel.

The process is by clicking on Complete complete. Any necessary corrections can also be made later (described from step 10).

Step 6:

The newly created e-mail account for is now displayed in the navigation window on the left as a separate directory.

06 - Windows Live Mail - Inbox, display of the newly created account

Step 7:
In contrast to some other mail clients, Windows Live Mail does not send automatic test messages, so you have to create these yourself to check the correctness of the account settings.

The e-mail address of the newly created account can be entered in the To field, if several e-mail accounts have already been created, make sure that the sending is also carried out under the newly created account.

07 - Windows Live Mail - Create a test message

Step 8:

The test message that has just been sent is usually not retrieved from the incoming mail server in the same process. For manual retrieval, click on the double arrow pointing to the right in the header, then on Synchronize and select the e-mail account to be updated.

If, despite repeated attempts, no message appears in the inbox, you should check your account to see whether the test message may be on the inbox server in the spam folder.

08 - Windows Live Mail - Get Messages (Sync)

Step 9:
The test message was sent and picked up successfully, the account settings are correct.

09 - Windows Live Mail - Inbox, display of the successfully transmitted test message

If the test message cannot be sent and / or received, the account settings must be checked and, if necessary, corrected. The next steps describe where to find which settings in Windows Live Mail.

Step 10:
Open the account management as described in step 1, mark the e-mail account and the properties call.

10 - Windows Live Mail - check and correct accounts, account properties

Step 11:
Account Properties - General
Email account - The name to be displayed in the navigation window and the account overview can be changed here as required.
Surname - The display name from step 4 can be changed as required
E-mail address - Check the e-mail address from step 4 for correct entry, correct if necessary
Include this account when receiving or synchronizing email - Activate if necessary

11 - Windows Live Mail - Account Properties - General

Step 12:
Account Properties - Server
Server information - from step 5, check for correct entry, correct if necessary
E-mail (username - Check the registration ID from step 5 for correct entry, correct if necessary
password - Enter the password from step 4, if necessary, and have it saved
Log in with plain text authentication - Activate if necessary (change setting)
Server requires authentication - Activate if necessary and open Settings click

12 - Windows Live Mail - Account Properties - Server

Step 13:
Account properties outgoing mail server, settings
Use the same settings as the incoming mail server - Activate if necessary

13 - Windows Live Mail - Account Properties - Server - Authentication

Step 14:
Account properties connection
Entry only required if a setting other than the Internet connection setting is to be used

14 - Windows Live Mail - Account Properties - Connection

Step 15:
Account properties security
Only required when using certificates. Not dealt with further here as it is not relevant for the basic setup of the e-mail account.

15 - Windows Live Mail - Account Properties - Security

Step 16:
Account Properties Advanced
Server port numbers - Settings for the encryption of the connections and the ports used from step 5

With virus scanners, which also scan the e-mails, the situation can arise that the incoming and outgoing e-mails via an encrypted connection cannot be scanned or that they also prevent sending or receiving via encrypted connections on the client side. Depending on the virus scanner used, it can therefore make sense to forego encryption of the connections in the e-mail settings if the virus scanner itself works as a proxy and independently establishes encrypted connections to the servers.

To Deactivation of the encryption the SSL activations for the post server must be canceled. The port is for outgoing mail (SMTP) 465 the port should then be retained for the inbox (POP) 110 are displayed. If there are any problems with this port with an unencrypted connection, Port 587 be used.

The setting shown here too Leave a copy of all messages on the server corresponds to the default setting of Windows Live Mail. It was not queried when setting up the POP3 e-mail account and can be adapted to your own requirements at this point.

With a click on Take the changed e-mail settings for are saved and by clicking on OK the process ends.

16 - Windows Live Mail - Account Properties - Advanced

The procedure described here also applies to e-mail accounts that have been created at, but other servers must be used.

The following server settings apply to
Account type - POP3
Incoming mail server (POP) - / port 110 or SSL port 995
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) - Port 465/587 or SSL Port 465

IMAP is currently not available on or

Good luck with setting up your freemail account under Windows Live Mail

Further tips on the subject of e-mail can be found under -> E-Mail FAQ

Addendum from 02/03/2012:

To set up POP3 accounts under Windows Live Mail, see also our Video tutorials.

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