What does the emoticon xD

What does XD mean? Meaning and use


The combination "XD" appears all the time on the internet and you don't know what that means? We'll tell you what's behind it and how you use it.

That means XD: Smiley for a big smile

The string "XD" is used as a classic smiley when chatting. The "X" represents squinted eyes and "D" should, if you place your head on the left side, represent a broadly smiling mouth. The smiley face, also often spelled "xD", expresses great amusement or serenity.

Origin of XD

Even before GIFs, emojis and emotes like "Poggers" existed, you had to be content with the traditional keyboard. In addition to abbreviations such as "XOXO" and "lol", the traditional smileys were used in order to be able to comment more quickly in the chat or in the forum or to highlight special emotions. "XD" can show both laughter and irony.

This is how you use XD and Co.

Since misunderstandings quickly arise in non-verbal communication, it helps to use smileys. Especially with people you don't know very well. With your BFFs it is of course usually not a problem to read the irony from the chat history, but with smileys you can clarify how you mean a statement.

If you use smileys, you can switch between different variants that can convey a whole range of emotions. But for really funny things, the abbreviation "ROFL" is also a good choice. Other examples of smileys besides XD:

  • :) / :-) - the classic smiling smiley
  • : D - when you laugh your teeth flash
  • ;) /; D - someone winks at you
  • >: D - mean laugh

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