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Drink water: THAT happens if you drink 8 glasses a day!

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Drinking water is extremely important. Due to current events, we would like to point out once again how important it is to drink enough. Chancellor Angela Merkel trembled violently at the state reception of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyi. In retrospect, the Chancellor said at the press conference: "I've drank three glasses of water in the meantime, so I'm doing very well." Officially, she blamed it on a lack of water, also known as dehydration. A chills-like tremor can actually be a symptom of this, as n-tv health expert Dr. Christoph Specht explains.

"You can prevent dehydration / desiccosis due to insufficient fluid intake! Drink around one and a half to two liters of fluid evenly throughout the day. It should be more at high temperatures and during physical exertion," explains the health portal

"I've drank three glasses of water in the meantime, so I'm doing very well." says Chancellor Angela Merkel after she trembled badly at the reception of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj at around 30 degrees Celsius.

- DW Politik (@dw_politik) June 18, 2019

The human body consists of around 60 percent water. Without fluids, it doesn't work properly, we feel tired and limp. We should therefore drink 1.5 to 2 liters of liquid every day, recommends the German Nutrition Society. In the heat and sport, of course, even more. As a rule of thumb: 8 glasses of water per day - this covers the body's fluid requirements.

These 7 effects that 8 glasses of water per day have on us prove that water not only helps against thirst, but can even be a real miracle cure. They will convince even water haters!

1st You stay fit and motivated

We have to provide our body with sufficient fluids, otherwise our motivation drops, we become tired and weak. This is especially important when you are doing intense exercise or in extreme heat. As soon as we sweat, our bodies lose fluids. If we do sport, it can be quite a lot and we have to refill our water reservoir. This is the only way to stay fit and feel good.

2. You can think better

In order for us to function well, our brain must be supplied with sufficient fluids. Studies show that even mild dehydration can impair many brain functions. Concentration, memory and mood suffer as a result.

3. You get less headaches

Very often headaches can also indicate a lack of fluids. In some people, this can also be the trigger for migraines. In some cases, drinking water can relieve headache symptoms.

4. You have a flatter stomach

Nobody likes to talk about it, but infrequent bowel movements and constipation can put a strain on the body and lead to an annoying bloated stomach. The simple but effective treatment: drink more water! The hydration ensures that digestion works better. This way you can prevent bloating and painful constipation. Drinking enough water can also reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Tip: If you tend to have a bloated stomach, it is better to drink still water instead of soda.

5. The hangover is weaker

Most of us are probably familiar with the unpleasant consequences of a night of partying. Keyword hangover. To get rid of thirst, tiredness and headaches the day after the party, it helps to provide the body with enough fluids, preferably in the form of water. You can alleviate a hangover right from the start by drinking a glass of water every now and then while partying.

6. You lose weight more easily

Drinking water is vital for the human body; our cells need fluids. This is the only way our entire metabolism works and those who drink enough can stimulate these processes. By the way: Thirst is often misinterpreted as hunger. This means that you take in unnecessary calories, even though you could actually only drink a glass of water. If you do without calorie-containing drinks such as lemonades or juices, you can also save calories.

7. Your skin will get better

We now know how important water is for the body. Our cells need a lot of fluids to function. Drinking water has a positive side effect on our skin. The cells become plump and replenished, and this can also be seen in the skin. It becomes firm and plump. For example, unsightly dents in cellulite cannot be washed away, but water ensures that they at least do not spread more than necessary.

How much water should it be every day?

It varies a lot and depends on age and weight. But there is a rule of thumb that you should adhere to: an adult should consume around 30 to 40 milliliters of liquid per kilogram from beverages and food every day. So a woman weighing 60 kg would have to drink at least 1.8 liters (30 ml x 60 kg = 1800 ml) of fluid a day. A little more applies to pregnant women (35 ml / kg) and breastfeeding women (45 ml / kg). At you can find out more about the body's water balance.

Tip for water haters: It tastes better than infused water!

Many people drink too little water because it simply tastes too bland for them. If you also belong to the water haters faction, then you should start by spicing up your water. Instead of reluctantly drinking it straight, add a slice of lime, lemon or orange. The citrus fruits provide flavor without washing calories into the glass. Cucumber slices or mint leaves are also great ways to make the water tastier.

Just give it a try and put different fruits or herbs in a carafe and fill it up with still water or sparkling water. This is how you made the trend drink Infused Water yourself in a few seconds!

You can find more information on the important functions of water at

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