What does FTW

What does FTW mean? - Explanation & example


FTW is a abbreviation, which is used on the Internet and means for the win. This is the English form, which is translated into German "for the win“Would be called. However, the term cannot be used that way. This expression was justified in an American game show, which meant that the candidate has a chance of victory with his points.

Application and meaning

FTW is an abbreviation that joins the series of abbreviations such as LOL. This means that you have the perfect solution to a problem with you or can point it out so that a problem no longer exists. It is primarily used in the communication language of the Internet and can therefore also be used when you have completed a game or a move is very successful, as it allows you to express your joy.

In general use can FTW then used when one has the perfect solution ready.


When you're on the move and you've touched something that made your fingers sticky, you're looking for a solution that can wash off that feeling.
Unfortunately, there is nowhere to be found with which to do that. But by chance the friend with the baby has moist wipes with her in the car that solve the problem. So she can say: FTW wet wipes.

But this can also happen on an online platform. If a lot of players sit at a virtual poker table and a player goes all-in even if he still has a lot of credit, then he wants to provoke that everyone else gets out of the round because they think he has the better hand. As a result, everyone goes out of the loop and he collects the bets. For him, this is FTW because he is happy that his strategy has worked.