What is pregnancy care

Stretch marks: prevent, reduce, care for

Preventing stretch marks: products and tips

Midwife Bettina Breunig gives tips on how to make the skin more resistant to stretch marks. The formation of the stripes cannot be completely prevented, but their frequency and intensity can be reduced.

  • Drink a lot! Two to three liters a day, preferably water. Drinking a large amount of water also increases the elasticity of the skin.
  • Also one healthy and vitamin-rich diet for a balanced acid-base balance has a positive effect on the connective tissue.
  • Move in the fresh air and moderate exercise for pregnant women also ensure good blood circulation in the skin, which makes them more resistant to stretch marks.
  • A balanced diet and exercise bow also an excessiveWeight gain during pregnancy in front. Since adipose tissue is less elastic, it is more likely to lead to the formation of stretch marks. A weight gain of 12 to 18 kilos is normal. What lies above not only stresses the connective tissue of the pregnant woman, her circulation and her joints, but also makes the last trimester of pregnancy with a baby bump a lot more difficult.
  • The use of nurturing measures to improve blood circulation is highly recommended. These include, for example, special skin care and the use of pinching massage, Oil massage, Brush massage or Alternating showers.

★ Glückskind Tips ★

Specific Care products for pregnancysuch as lotions and oils to prevent stretch marks, contain ingredients that keep the skin supple and nourish it intensively during periods of heavy use. Lotions that provide the skin with moisture also reduce unpleasant itching and feelings of tension.

Some pregnant women swear up too Natural productsto get through the pregnancy without streaks. Almond oil, coconut oil or aloe vera can be applied to the skin for stretch marks and rubbed in becometo increase elasticity.