Engineering is a passion


heroal has developed into the technical market leader in the field of high-quality, modular aluminum systems for the building envelope. Due to our great passion for perfect engineering, we continuously set new standards and always guarantee the highest product and service quality in a constantly changing market. We stand for our region, the location Germany and are proud that our systems are "Made in Germany".

As an international and dynamic family company, we are always aware of our obligations to our customers, employees and business partners. Partnership, continuity, quality and service are the principles of our company philosophy.

In everything we do, we also take our responsibility for future generations seriously. Through constant further development of the sustainable and intelligent technologies we have developed ourselves, we enable manufacturing processes with maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption. Once installed, our systems ensure an optimal room climate and significant energy savings. With them, the vision of the “blue building” can be realized. A building that functions sustainably and energy-efficiently from the planning to the material to the finished object.

Accompany us on the way into the future!

Dr. Max Schöne, Jürgen Peitz, Dr. Ramon Knollmann
heroal management